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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Hi all! AK, No bfp to report, but I do have some news - saw my OB yesterday and he referred me to a fertility clinic. I'm kinda' nervous about it, as I've never been to anything like that before. Kinda' excited too, as this could be the help I need to finally get that bfp!!

Am looking forward to brighter days !

Baby dust, lots of luck and prayers for all!

7 years ago

Hello ladies,

good to hear from you!
Chekai, how exiting! Looking forward to hearing what they will say!
AKHopeful, Pinkster - how are you doing?

As for myself, we had our first IVF but the embrios did not stay with us. Now we are preparing for the second (this time frosen) embrio transfer this months... I hope this time our baby/ies come(s)!

Best of luck to you all!


7 years ago • Post starter

Thats fantastic news chekai are you in America, we have to go private in UK for anything like that and it costs a fortune,
Szonja wow hope this 2nd go is your rainbow baby , how exciting and great to hear positive news
AFM Im afraid AF showed after my longest cycle ever, did have some feint pos so got a bit excited but at CD32 19dpo came, very heavy n crampy but onwards and upwards and not giving up yet ladies, love to all -x-x-x-

7 years ago

Chekai That is great!! I assume that means they don't think you are in menopause yet! How exciting to go to the next step and get yet a little closer to your miracle baby!
Szonja That's too bad that your little bean wasn't sticky this time around Keep your head up and stay positive! I'm praying for you and hope that this is the month for you!
pinkster123 That sucks!! I sure hate that wicked !! I was so sure that you were going to get your BFP this month! I was watching your pregnancy test pictures everyday waiting to see that shadow turn into a dark line

I had my surgery 2 and a half weeks ago now. She had to do a larger incision that she was planning since the growth was solid instead of fluid filled like she had planned. It turns out it was a benign fibroma in my ovary and 6.5 cm. I went to my post op appointment last week and she said she doesn't think that this is the reason why we aren't getting pregnant, but she isn't sure. She looked at all of my tubes and uterus and other ovary and said that everything looked healthy so she wants us to keep trying for one more year before we do any more testing...I am happy and hopeful that we get pregnant in the next year but I'm also nervous since she said that she she doesn't think this is the reason :-( I was able to get DH to go to the appointments with me so now he knows that I'm not making this stuff up about having sex during the right time so hopefully we get better at timing and get lucky :-)

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7 years ago

Well, ladies, DH does NOT want me to go to the fertility clinic - I understand his reasons, though.

However, we have been seeing a natropath dr, and he has helped me to find out that the problem is not with my reproductive organs, but rather with my thymus gland. He has also helped several other people get pregnant through herbal remedies and thinks he can help me as well.

Also, you are right, my ob does NOT think I'm in menopause yet. The whole thing is with my thyroid/thymus glands and hopefully, they can help me naturally get all of this stuff taken care of. I'm not out for the count yet!!

Oh, yes, pinkster, I'm in America.

I'm pulling for you all, ladies!

6 years ago

Morning lovlies, (cd6)
Aww thank you AK-yes it was tough to keep sane but those feint lines didnt get stronger so i kinda knew deep down for next cycle though hope your taking it easy now, so pleased youve got through the op ok and feel better, well done you, at least now you have had a good check as well and in the all clear, its great dh is onboard with you and understands more about everything -x-
Chekai-why would he stop you from going after trying so hard and going through so much, sorry but if my partner said that I would go anyway, its your chance to find out the real reasons why your not falling, herbs are ok but medical science is the best factual way to find the real reasons, I wish we had that choice here without selling the house lol though Ive read the gland prob is easily resolved, I was thinking of asking my doc to do the same blood test to check it
AFM hoping to BD this weekend although opk's have had quite strong lines (but not as dark as test line) last 4 days

6 years ago

pinkster, he isn't keeping me from finding out the real reason, on the contrary - I HAVE found out - we're just going a different route.

Baby dust to all!

6 years ago

Oh thats good then chekai, I must have read it wrong, I'm a very independent woman and would never let a man tell me what to do and I read it like he was doing that to you but he's not thank goodness, sorry lovely -x-

6 years ago

No need to apologize, pinkster! Looking back at what I wrote, it does come off sounding that way - so hard to convey things in writing sometimes!

Today is cd24, and I can hardly wait for AF to come so I can start over again!

AKhopeful, I'm glad to hear that the surgery was successful, here's wishing bfp's in the upcoming months for us!

6 years ago

I am so happy for you all - it seems that the last weeks were good for all of us and now we are on a good track! Lot of things happened in a sence and now I have truly very good feeling that miracles are on their way! :-)
Lets do it together!

I am now started to take hormones to prepare my body for the frosen embrio transfer which will happen in three weeks... :-) hope they are to stay with us!



6 years ago • Post starter

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