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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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pinkster123 any updates??? All of my fingers are crossed for you!

Chekai my goodness I am not sure. It sure looks like O on CD17 but your right it looks like its going down stressful... do you use OPK's?

queena Ya I totally agree! I just want a sign or something! I am loosing more hope every month that goes by and my DH has made it clear that he does not want to be tested and he does not agree with adoption and it makes it that much harder on me because I know that if it doesn't happen naturally for us I have to somehow accept the fact that I wont be a mom :-(

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8 years ago

Afternoon ladies, (CD28 15dpo), thank you for all your pos vibes but expecting AF soon although no sign of cramps etc yet, yesterday must have been a spiteful evap, me and dh are devastated today after taking these tests this morn, DH has also just got a letter to say his sperm test wont be done until 11th April now so thats us out for another month at least then he will prob have to take fertile tabs for 3 months and I will be 46yrs in May so chances are diminshed even more, not gonna bother with clomid next month as it might be wasted and only get 3 go's at it
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Chekai, your temps are kinda all over the place, sorry can't really tell but 17 maybe? , AKhopeful, will he let you try clomid?
Chekai, Queena, AKHopeful, hope things get better for us all soon

8 years ago

Where did szonja go? I understand the others went bcz they got preg and probably have no time for this forum anymore but.. I hope she's ok, or she's prego!!
Ladies, I hope you're feeling ok by now, don't despair, life has much more than this. I know it can be pretty devastating but one has to have control over his feelings. Sadness will do us no good. Pain demands to be felt I know. But we should be strong enough to go through this without losing hope.
I myself, have been pretty emotional the last couple of days, I cried so much yesterday that I got so tired.. I blamed on my husband's absence and me having to be alone through this but I used to face everything on my own and never feel the need to anyone but my Creator. I don't know what went wrong.. I was and still having an emotional hard time.. but I can't lose hope. I know that everything happens for a reason and the time just hasn't come yet. Maybe I'm not ready to be a good mother yet. But after all.. that's not what defines me. And I can't despair if I don't get it.
So cheer up beauties..
And take care.

8 years ago

Hello ladies,

Dear Queena and all, I am sorry for disappearing from you... I just needed some time to recover from the last unsuccessful IUI...
I have just read all the news about you and I keep my fingers for all of you ---- good luck and lot of !

This morning I had we had our first consultation for IVF treatment, which is now decided to start right after my next period starts... Big step, big decison but finally all set...

Here we are now...

I hope to hear good news this months...its high time!



8 years ago • Post starter

pinkster123, ya I don't think he would have any problem with something like clomid, he just says no way to him giving a sperm sample or taking anything even a vitamin. My DH is soooo stubborn when it comes to Doctors. He will go to his rhumatologist for his arthritis and that is it. And even with that he never tells me when his appointments are and until I get the bill in the mail to pay and then I ask him if he talked to the Dr about a specific problem that he has been having (chronic migraines for like 5 years) he always answers no he is only a Dr for my hip not stupid headaches... AHHHH So I tell him to go to his PCP and he says no he is invincible and doesnt have time for doctors. SOOOO frustrating!!!

queena try to keep your head up :-( I know how hard this can be! We just need to stick together.

I have been so moody and crabby this week because my temps started dropping sunday so I knew that AF was coming :-( I work for my husband and father in law (who is know by everyone in town as a HUGE ASS HOLE, pardon my language) and I usually stay quiet and reserved and try to take his attitude with a grain of salt and I know that when my husband and I get home we can both vent about his father, but this week I have been soooo upset that I haven't been taking any of his attitude. Every time he screams at me for something I didn't do, I come unglued and snap...I even thru a book at him :-( and that is soooooo not me!!! I think its the pressure of his attitude at work combined with the fact that he says things like "you cant do anything right, after all you can't even get pregnant" and "All I want is grandchildren before i die, but that's just not happening" and he says these things EVERY DAY and thinks its funny... Well it just isn't funny and I have had enough.... Wow that turned into quite the rant... Sorry guys

Anyways as you can tell I am having a great week....

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8 years ago

AKHopeful, feel free to rant - this is the place for it!

My temps have been all over the place, so I decided to get an opk for this next month - I'm going out of my mind otherwise!

Let's try to stay positive, ladies - we're all in this together! Before this forum I felt so alone in this - it's good to be able to talk it out or even just vent a little!

A few days ago a friend of mine was talking to me about menapause and telling me that she thinks I'm going through that right now - (she could tell I was stressed, that's why she mentioned it) uh, NO!
She has no idea that I've been ttc for the past 5 months! This friend of mine has 7 children & has no idea of how stressful it is when ttc - seems like she's ALWAYS preggo!

Okay, guess it was my turn to vent!

Baby dust to all!

8 years ago

I guess it's just a vent day :-) well I tried something new today... I have used the softcups for ttc but I haven't actually used them for a heavy flow day. Last month I used them the last couple of days but I didn't have a heavy flow...


Well here is a tmi story! It says that you can use them for up to 12 hours and I was skeptical but even the internet assured me that you actually only loose about 2 tablespoons of blood the whole cycle so it actually would be fine... Well I just got home and its been 10 hrs and thank God I backed it up with a pad. I noticed during the day I was leaking a little when I used restroom but I figured I just didn't have it in quite far enough for a good seal...well I was wrong....I overflowed big-time and it looked like I murdered someone in my bathroom...2 tablespoons my butt!!! I think i had a pure 1/2 cup of blood and clotts!! I think I'm going back to tampons!!
After all of that and after i cleaned the mess up now I'm starting to worry that this may be a bad sign :-( I think I will try to get into Dr earlier.

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8 years ago

Hi there!
Wow akhopeful ur father in law is a horrible person for saying that to u! Sorry but I was furious to read what u had to go thru! Just don't pay him attention, dear, he doesn't deserve u being upset over his words.
Oh and the 2 tblspoon thing is a big fat lie, I bleed for 5 days and it's so heavy I use those old things I don't know wht u call them (my native lang is not English) like diapers but not really. Anyway u get the idea. Sorry tmi!
Good to c u again szonja. Hope u feeling better?
How r the others holding on?
My period is expected to come in a matter of 2 or 3 days.. hope it never does!!

8 years ago

Dearest Ladies,

If we lived in a same neighbourhood, this would be the time when I would invite all of you for a nice cocktail (virgin or not) in the community’s nicest pub.... I think all of us need one to let out the steam :-)
But maybe what we could do instead (since I understood that we do not live in the same neighbourhood) is that tonight we send around some good and nice healing energy/prayer/good thoughts to the rest of the group members. I am definitely going to do that, so just get ready for it



8 years ago • Post starter

Szonja that sounds great :-) although it's 6 am where I am so ill hold off on the brew until tonight!
Queena yes he is and the only reason I put up with him and his nasty attitude is because it's my husband's dream to take over the business so we are buying it from him...only 9 more years :-( god that sound like eternity some days!

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8 years ago

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