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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Thank you for your support! Finally I got back 2 embrios today and now I wish they decided to stay with us! 2ww starts now, fingers crossed! ;-)


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Hey girls long time no see. A lot has happened sense last posted. First my and my dear bf broke up. I found out he was doing hard drugs. I wasn't happy, but the curb was glad to see him. So I have been spending the time thinking about what to do. I have decided to go ahead and have a baby. I am in the search for a donor (I'm being very, very picky). So far I have two maybes.
Chelsie, AK, Sonja, and Pinkster, wishingyou all luck.

8 years ago

Hiya ladies (10dpo)
Aww yoyo, well done you getting rid of bad rubbish, is tough though and i applaud you for being strong enough to do what will make you happier in the long run, you get the doner you want and have your very soon
Szonja-how you doing, any news, spose its too early yet, & to all -x-x-x-x-x-

8 years ago

Oh Yoyokim! I was missing you so-so much! So good to hear from you! And a big congratulations for your brave step! I am so happy you made it! Fingers crossed for finding a donor! Then I can tell you all about IVF!!!! It is a great journey - you will enjoy it! Join soon!

As from my side, not much to tell besides I have a bad allergic reaction to I have to change the med....but hope it wont effect the hopeful implantation process :-) I will be smarter (and hopfully a lot happier) in 6 days....!

Best luck to you all!


8 years ago • Post starter

Szonja only 4 more days!!! Yay I am so excited for you and sure pray that everything goes well!

Yoyokim you go girl!! So proud of you for being so strong! Welcome back!

pinkster123 I completely agree with the birthday thing, My grandpas birthday was march 12th my dads is the 13th my cousin had her baby on the 14th my cousins is the 15th the 16th is open and my birthday is the 17. I love having all of us so close so we always just have one big bash. Maybe I will get lucky and add a 16th baby If only we could pick that!

As for me I am now CD 13 or 14 (I never know when I start flowing at 5 pm what the heck to count it as) We have timed our BD pretty good so far. I started taking 2000mg of EPO every day this cycle because my sis started taking it and said I should try it and heck at this point Ill try anything!
(Not to get off subject but their was this infertility saying I saw online one time that said "I am so desperate that if someone told me to shove a string cheese up my vagina and I would become pregnant that month, I would ask them mild medium or extra sharp")
I did have some really strange period like cramping down low in my cervix area on cd10 which was odd and then I went to the bathroom and my sticky mucus had a pink tinge to it... I thought are you kidding me! I cant be starting AF already its only CD10! and it is way too early for implantation... But that was all I had and everything seams normal now. I have a dead battery in my thermometer so I cant temp and its driving me nuts! Oh well

I have noticed a bit more CM and I am assuming that it is because of the EPO.
Chekai have you noticed any more this month since you started taking it??

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8 years ago

Hello ladies. I'm very down and confused. Yet again I'm not ovulating. Now it looks like my periods have stopped - not sure but it's been over 40 days since AF showed up. No matter how much we don't like it, we need the ol' girl!

I've been crying all the time - am so down. Trying to snap out of it....nothing seems to be working, but my check ups show that I'm fine - everything perfectly fine with my reproductive organs - I just don't o anymore.

So sorry to be such a downer - I don't mean to be - it's just so darn unfair! DH is being supportive - he just can't understand what I'm going through. I guess no one can.

This is supposed to be a place where we lift each other up - sorry if I'm not doing my part.

Good luck to everyone.

8 years ago

Hello ladies (CD31 17DPO)
Chekai-Im so sorry to hear that lovely and not sure myself that I def ov without the clomid, Im trying vitex now, have you tried clomid, it makes you def ov? Its worth a try if you haven't, some ladies I spoke to tried it 5 times but they only recommend it 3 cycles here in UK, I am 46 so thinkin my eggs may have had it now anyway
Szonja-any news, symptoms, how have you been bearing up and feeling I hope you got some sticky beans there
AK-when did you last do a pregnancy test, last time I heard someone say they had a show before ov they were pregnant, if not good luck with over ov time
AFM-awaiting temps dropped last 2 days
Have a fab weekend all -x-x-x-x-x-x-

8 years ago

Thanks pinkster, no I have not yet tried the clomid - but I am seriously considering it. Sorry to have been such a downer before. I'm finally snapping out of this down in the dumps attitude! I'm gonna' keep on doing what I can to help myself o! Whatever that is!

Good luck to all!

8 years ago

Well I found a donor. Szonja I am going thru KDR, so I am doing AI. He is a nice guy (very good looking to) got thru interviewing him earlier today. Good family history and no STD, saw his recent test. Sent him a copy of the contract for him to look over. And he is signing parental rights over. Really hoping it all goes well. Praying God blesses us all with little hellion's soon.
How is everyone else? Any good news?

8 years ago

Great news! (no, not preggo) But AF finally showed up! I'm not out of the game yet! Now, to get me to Ov...

I'm doing what I can to make it happen - still unsure about the clomid...

Will wait and see how I do this month. Good luck to all of you!

8 years ago

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