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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Thanks ladies. It's easier to be "amazing about this" in writing - I cried my head off today!

But I have to "roll w/ the punches" as they say. Time to face reality and give it another try!

I should have known when I had that seizure a couple of days ago - that's usually my warning that AF is just around the corner.

So, looking forward to brighter days and hopefully a BFP this next month. If I do conceive this time, I'll have a December baby - right after Christmas. I'm a December girl myself! I wouldn't mind sharing my birthday w/ a new baby!

Baby dust to us all!!

8 years ago

Any updates ladies?

I have been enjoying the nice spring weather here and stressing more about my multiple root canals and not about TTC... I think I would rather be stressing about TTC, I HATE DENTISTS!

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8 years ago

I'm with you about dentists - I can't stand them either! Good luck with that!

Am feeling so much better since last time - had a wonderful Easter break!

Am on CD9 and at this point, I almost don't even care anymore - I mean if it happens, great! If not, oh well, things could be worse!

Wishing the best for everyone!

8 years ago

today at 10dpo cd21, I ov really early so maybe not a good thing but gonna be a long wait (1week at least) til AF
AK I had a root canal, that was a breeze compared to the pain I had before hand waiting for infection to go first, hope its gone ok
Chekai , yea I feel same at mo if it happens great but not holding my breath, DH sperm test on 11th so hopefully that will shed some light if he can do the deed, which hes not sure he can, oh well at least its a sunny weekend here in UK

8 years ago

Hello ladies,

Good to hear that you in a (realtively) good and calm mood :-) and that we seem to turn into fatalism :-)

CD21 (10 dpo) is quite early tho, and you know you burry a cycle when AF is here.... good luck!

I know canal treatment well, good that you had your relief - tooth ache is one of the ugliest ones...

I have just received my IVF ptotokol, which means that now I am on contraseption pill till the middle of the month and then I will receive different hormons (nasal spray and injection) for days...then they check me several time with bloodtest and UH to determinde which is the best day for in vitro fertilisation... I think that all can and will happen this month... I am quite nervous but also feel like not overdouing it either emotionally or otherwise.... I hope for the best :-) of course!

Have a nice and sunny weekend (it is cold and rainy here...) :-(


8 years ago • Post starter

Hello, ladies. CD12 and I've got a fever, so not much use keeping up with bbt right now. I'm still recording it, but mostly just waiting for this fever to get over with.

Wishing you all the best.

8 years ago

Well I have another root canal tomorrow and I completely know what you mean about the pain before being way worst! I feel like I have electrical shocks in my whole month :-(

On another note my Gyno called me yesterday and said that they had a last min. cancellation so I went in for my annual exam and I told her about TTC for 10 months with no luck and I was expecting her to say wait 3 more months and call me again but instead she did her exam and thinks that I have a problem with my right ovary. So I am officially starting fertility testing... I have very mixed feelings about this! Part of me was in denial and thinking that it just hadn't been long enough but the other part of me knows that ovulation and BDing during that time isn't suppose to be painful either so I go in for CD3 blood tests whenever AF decides to show up this week and I have an ultrasound of my ovary's and uterus in a couple weeks. I am both nervous and excited now. I am hoping to get some answers finally and work towards a solution! I am just afraid of the worst now :-(

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8 years ago

Thats good news AKhopeful, at least you are gonna get looked at properly and im sure they will then be able to sort your probs out, you are well on the road now to getting your little bean and keep us updated hope root canal goes ok -x-
Are you feeling better chekai
I will test tom but already think Im out, had 2 already uploaded, now cd24 13dpo so af not due til 18dpo cos early ov apart from darker nipples no other symptoms which is weird cos they normally always mega painful by now, temps have been slightly lower whole cycle due to the aspirin every day i think, just waitin for my fav program to start, one born every minute (all about babies being born), yay hope your all well ladies??? -x-x-x-

8 years ago

Stay positive, AKHopeful! Take care of yourself !

Yes, pinkster, I'm feeling better, but I did a really stupid thing with my opk. I had gotten the clearblue easy, b/c it had 10 sticks, so thought that was a good buy. Well, I had nevr used that brand b/4 and on day 3 of testing I got the frickin stick wet! A weird symbol appeared on the screen , so I looked at the direction sheet to find out what that meant. It said that I had to throw away the stick - couldn't be used again. Ugh! What a waste. I'll never get that brand again.

Oh well. I don't think I'm o anymore anyway. This is CD15 and no sign of it. Plus w/ that fever I had a few days ago, detecting o is going to be kinda' tricky.

Well, whichever. Like we've said b/4 - if it happens, great - if not oh well!

Best of luck to you all!

Sending lots o' baby dust!

8 years ago

Chekai that sucks can't you buy just the stick on its own? can you use the tests without the stick You might still ov yet hun
Has anyone ever tried retesting on an old test, well don't, I very stupidly tried that at 8dpo, yes I know too early to waste a test so i thought I got one still from when AF started a few days late so I used that, a stubby pink line come up on test area, kinda got me hopes up then silly girl, lesson learnt and won't do that again tut tut
Anyway I dont feel preggers at all this month, have had negs so far and got a shadow today but no colour at all so pretty sure evap, have uploaded after 2half years my dh said he will be willing maybe try fertility clinic, might be a bit late at 45/55 years but we will see, I might find out about prices next month, phew its gonna cost, firstly got his sperm test on 11th, only waited 2 months for it arghh
Good luck Szonja, at least you are working on a plan
Hows everyone else doing

8 years ago

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