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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Good to hear from you szonja and exciting things to come for you next month, hope this will be your time at last , yes it would be lovely if we all could meet up and hug it out at times cos I dont talk about any of this to anyone else
AKHopeful, thats is so nasty and spiteful, I would never let someone speak like that to me ever whether I was buying their company or not, he is totally out of order and I would tell him that and say if you do ever want to see your grandchild when we do have one you better start treating me and us with respect also your right about sometimes it trickles out when I go to change tampon on loo, sorry if tmi
Queena and Chekai hope your doing ok, AFM so confused, thought was here yesterday but just had very light spotting, same today, cant even use a tampon, (automatically put lite one in yesterday but then couldnt get the thing out),boobs still sore but no cramping yet, feel very giddy/light headed and still extremely emotional, crying, had a row with dh and now we are not talking, he said Im a depressive cow and he dont want people like that in his life, I think its from the clomid as been reading up on it, I think Im cd2 now if new cycle or do I class myself as 16dpo???

8 years ago

Wishing you all the best - am buying an OPK tonight - Will be ready for next month!!!

Now, when my temps are supposed to be gong down, they shot up!!! AHHH! I'm losing it! Is CD22, so AF should appear around CD26 or 27. Was planning to test on CD28, but there's no way this month so I won't bother.

Well, best of luck to you ladies!

8 years ago

pinkster any updates? or is the witch still playing tricks on you. I think I would say 16 DPO until you get an actual heavy flow... I think a month of relaxation and a "try not to stress" cycle may do us both some good :-( I haven't even been temping this week. I probably will next week and following just to track O but I think I need some time to get my mind off TTC. Its spring and i should put some energy into cleaning my house and trying to get it on the market so we can move back out to the country and out of the city!

Chekai I think the OPK is a great idea! at least it will give you an idea of when to look for the temp jump. It sure is frustrating to have a chart that jumps like popcorn :-(

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8 years ago

No AF, just a tiny bit of spotting again, I agree actually looking forward to a month off and no temping, will try to get back into my workouts

8 years ago

Well my friends. . Guess im out for this month. I had some real bad cramps last night and sure enough just now AF officially showed up.
No November baby then.. ok.. maybe it's a December baby.. oh wait, what if I will have a late delivery and it's 1st January baby!
Sorry ladies... Guess im just losing it.. haha

8 years ago

Don't worry queena I lost it big time this month, Dh only just speaking to me again lol, lifes a bitch huh, I got a pos opk today and currently cd32/19dpo still not had AF, fu**ed up or wot, oh well December we head for together then, in the meantime Im having a cider

8 years ago

ok - you'll never believe this one, ladies - my temps are now shooting up when they are supposed to be going down! Am on CD23 - waiting for AF to show around CD27 or so. Temps went from 97.5 to 98.15 ! This is the second day in a row that it's rising. All month it 's been dipping when it should be rising, now it's doing the opposite!

Well, I bought the opk yesterday - am just waiting for the next cycle to start.


8 years ago

Oh well maybe thats a good sign chekai and you ov really late Queena Ive now joined you, AF showed up in middle of night full flow, happy days and nice 1st day back at work, thanks Aunt flo for that grrr, have a good week ladies -x-x-x-x-

8 years ago

Well, right now I believe anythings possible! Don't know if I ov or not this month, possibly...
I won't be surprised if not preg, but maybe there's a slight possibility - like I said, I really don't know what to think anymore.

If AF doesn't show up by CD28, I'm testing! (lately my cycles have been 26 or 27 days) This is CD25 - breasts have been kind of painful lately, but that's usual just before AF, so I'm not reading into it.

Definitely thought I was out for this month, now with these temps, I'm not sure of anything!

Although they did dip a bit this morn, so, probably not - oh boy, here I go again!

Best of luck to you all!

8 years ago

Oh chekai let us know how things will turn out to be.
Hoping the best for you all.

8 years ago

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