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TTC May/June 2019

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Hi Ladies!!!!

Good luck and baby dust to another month!!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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@scuba that looks positive to me too!

@agatch I'm happy to hear that you are liking school! It's hard work, but it makes it much easier when you are enjoying it.

@Alex no more charting for me. It's too much so I just stick to opks. It's nice forgetting about this process from time to time. I'm hoping the clomid helps, but I also have this gut feeling that our journey to our first take home baby is far from over.

5dpo now so AF is due in 7-8 days.

1 year ago

@scuba also looks positive for me

@agatch I know right? School is so fun. Applying now for my Master degree. Hoping to start in January.

@Kait temping and charting was hard for me too. For sure this is your month.

AFM if I ovulated we bd on ovulation day. But did not caught it. It was so perfect. Trying calling on GYN for Clomid but got no answer. Left message hopefully they will call me today or tomorrow. CD 1 for me. AF is here.

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1 year ago

Agatch I’m so glad for you! It’s always so nice to find something new to give you a fresh beginning and even better If you’re enjoying it too! I’m so sorry though that bleeding doesn’t seem to go.. Hopefully it won’t last long!

Scuba it was for sure positive! I guess you already entered your tww wait by now! Fingers crossed lovely! You so much deserve a bfp this cycle!

Kait I must agree that no charting gives you a sense of freedom! I can’t wait to see a positive one from you soon! I don’t think you’re this far as you think! Your DHs analysis was good, your tubes are clear and you’re already on clomid! I’m very hopeful for you babe!

Lalou Hopefully you’ll get in touch soon and they’ll prescribe you clomid! So sorry you didn’t caught it this past cycle! Fingers crossed for the next one!

I really hope to see all of your bfps this cycle ladies! Sending positive vibes your way

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1 year ago • Edited

Thank you ladies! I think ovulated day was yesterday but waiting for my temp rise. Hubby has a bad cold so no BDing tonight xx

Who else is just starting the TWW? I'm glad I didn't have a trigger shot as now I don't feel any need to test it out!

Wishing everyone lots of baby dust!

I'm just starting a Cambridge diet (Shakes soups and 200 calerie dinner). Hoping to get my weight down a bit. The goal is a stone by Xmas! xx

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1 year ago

@Alex thank you! I'm 9dpo now so we'll see what happens. The OB that did my HSG is now going back to saying that maybe my right tube wasn't in spasm and maybe it's actually blocked. So if a few rounds of clomid don't work then I can repeat the HSG. I wasn't happy about that because when I originally did it she brushed it off like oh yea you're just cramping too much to get the fluid through.

@scuba your timing looks great! I'm hoping this one works out for you so you don't have to go back to getting more assistance.

1 year ago

@Alex how are you? Any plans for this cycle?still praying for you as well.
@Scuba I agree with Alex. You so deserve this BFP. Fingers crossed. Please tell us more abt that diet. Is 1stone =12 pounds?
@Kait annoying that they say it was not blocked and now they are saying that it might be blocked. Hopefully you won t need that test once more and you will be pregnant.
All the expecting Mama's where are y all?
Anyone decorating for the Fall or Halloween?

AFM visited another town today and took the ferry. It was nice. New job is nice too. Less demanding. Better atmosphere. Less stressed. More time with my family. Never heard from GYN or nurse. Have to call on Monday for appt. It really sucks bc I'm on cd5 and I missed the Clomid window. Oh well..... Going to get serious with Keto and hopefully we will get pregnant naturally this cycle. Cousin and best friend are getting married next year (2 different weddings). Also I will be a maid of honor for the 1st time ever in my life. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of ladies with whom I was pregnant 2y ago at the same time are expecting their 2nd babies. Hoping I can get pregnant again soon. And everyone too. Keep the faith.

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1 year ago

Scuba hopefully you’ll be pregnant this cycle so you won’t have to worry about losing weight!!!

Kait oh boy that’s so annoying! I’m so pissed with people calling themselves professionals and doing such mistakes which could cause so many complications with someone else’s lives.. I really hope her first opinion was the correct one though and your tubes are both clear and good to go! I’m so hopeful for you girl!!!

Lalou Thank you for asking, I’m doing fine I guess! Not really Planning anything ttc-wise since I’m convinced by now that I’ll probably have to forget having my own family but you know.. we’re not preventing anything! If we’re lucky maybe we’ll have a surprise before I hit menopause!
Glad to read that you’re enjoying all little things in your everyday! A relaxed mind is the best thing for better chances to conceive! Hopefully you’ll be on clomid soon and fingers crossed you’ll make it by your own this cycle even before that!

Have an great Sunday everyone

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1 year ago

@Alex I'm annoyed too that at the time she sounded pretty confident that either tubal spasm was making it look blocked or even the polyp was helping block the liquid from going through. Now she kind of changed her mind. Not really a mistake, just irritating. I just don't know how to get to the bottom of it without spending a bunch of time and money on procedures. Especially if I'm just going to find out its not blocked.

@lalou a ferry ride sounds nice! What state are you living in? The temp dropped here in MI this weekend and everyone has started turning their heat on already.

I'm 9-10dpo and thought about testing this morning but didn't. Every cycle around this time I have a super vivid dream about getting a positive pregnancy test or being pregnant and I hate it. Last night's dream even included giving DH the gift that I've had stashed in my closet since May of last year.

1 year ago

@Kait now in RI. Yes it has been dropping like crazy for a week now. It was a bit warmer so we visited Newport. Beautiful town. But too expensive lol. All my toes and fingers crossed. We need those BFPs.

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1 year ago

@lalou very cool! The east coast is neat. I'm hoping. I've been super emotional and my not snuggly cat has laid on me three times today. She's probably just cold, but I have myself convinced that she smells pregnancy lol

1 year ago

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