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TTC May/June 2019

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Hi Ladies!!!!

Good luck and baby dust to another month!!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Same as @Alex, I think it s still early and also praying for you.

@VS I think I remember you. Your baby is so cute. Thank you for sharing a pic of her. And you are right,we should keep trying and having faith.

@mistique welcome back. Sorry again for your loss. Stay brave.

AFM started Letrozole yestersay. Had some headaches, dizziness and a bit of joint pains which went away after a while. Nothing else today. Feeling good.

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1 year ago

Hi Anna I must have missed something along the way, why are you being induced early ? Best of luck x

Scuba I just want to check in and see how your doing, hope this is your month xx

Sorry ladies I kinda got lost on the last post and forgot to join in on this one hope your all doing well xx

Afm not a lot to update, 24 weeks now and permanently exhausted, haven’t seen a midwife since 15 weeks and got another 5 weeks to go till I see her again , it’s just how they do it here xx

1 year ago

Hey ladies!!

@alex I am still hopeful that you will see a positive eventually. You never know what will happen.

@lalou I am so glad you were able to find another job that is less stressful!! You will do great!! Also glad you have medication that you get to start.

AFM: I am officially cd1 so that means more likely a July baby if it works out this cycle. I took Provera to jump start this cycle earlier than my others since I haven’t been ovulating. Doctor has me taking clomid starting cd5 too. This will be my first round with clomid so hopefully it will do the trick. He did say if it didn’t happen this cycle we will up my dosage the next cycle. Still trying to be positive and not get my hopes up too high!!

Good luck ladies!!

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1 year ago

Thank you @Shay. Stay brave. It seems like we are all Femara/Clomid buddies this cycle.

How is everyone else doing?

AFM: took last pill of Femara yesterday and bbt was 98.1 this morning. Is it too early for ovulation? DH and I have been bd every other day and we bd yesterday so hopefully if that was ovulation , we caught it. Would love to be pregnant around this time bc my parents are closer to us and being pregnant during the cold season is the best ( always hot during 1st pregnancy).
Praying for everyone.

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1 year ago

How's everyone doing? xx

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1 year ago

Hello Scuba,

I took progesterone test on Monday I had not ovulated yet then I saw ewcm on Tuesday with temp shift on Wednesday which went even higher today so waiting to see if I still have high temps tomorrow. I am still going to try bd today and hopefully we would have covered our bases. How are u though?

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1 year ago

Ooo that's exciting! Fingers crossed this cycle! I've decided not to track anything but I did take Letrozole from days 2-6. Just entering my fertile window this weekend I think but I'm not going to use opks or temp. Just BD when we feel like it. It's a bit liberating! xx

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1 year ago

Hi ladies!

I've become more of a silent follower since getting my BFP but I'm still here, praying for you all

Good luck to you all for wherever you are in your cycle, I hope to see many more BFP's on this board

AFM I'm now 12 weeks and had my scan a couple of days ago, I've got a little wriggle bum in there so amazing to see!
Hubby is still away and will be away until just before Christmas, but we're both starting to get excited now after being very cautiously optimistic up until this point!

to you all!

1 year ago

Hi girls, I couldn’t find the new board because the year is wrong but I’m all caught up with everyone’s status updates now. Lots of of meds I read, so hoping they do the trick this month!

AFM, I’m 11 weeks 4 days and we received our NIPT results yesterday. All low risk and we’re having a boy! I was so worried about the NIPT since I am 39. We’ve told four of our closest friends but will wait for the structural scan before telling family. I feel really good, just tired and sleeping a lot. I had a quick scan before the NIPT at 10 weeks 3 days, all normal and my due date is still 12 May.

I really hope to see some BFPs soon

TTC #2

1 year ago

Hello ladies! I also follow all of you silently, hoping to see your bfps!
Scuba I agree that not tracking can be kind of liberating but as the days are getting closer to AF, in my experience at least, things are starting to go back on the overthinking mode lol
Lalou fingers crossed mama! I really hope you get your bfp soon!
Burkette and Russian I’m very happy for you both! Enjoy this magical time of your lives

AFM Still not tracking anything but I’m very aware of when I’m ovulating etc even without opks and stuff. We’re of course enjoying each other but there are days that we cannot avoid to talk about us not being able to have a child. I guess until I’m on menopause we’ll never stop talk about it or hope about it
I really hope everyone is doing great and I can’t wait to see some great news!

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1 year ago • Edited

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