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I looked for answers now I'm turning to you

Ok so I bloat every month been that way forever about two days after I ovulate till af starts, even last month i bloated, looked like i was 3 months pregnant, now I am 6 days till af and no bloat at all,I looked for info but I could only find why we bloat nothing about not bloating.please help is this a good thing...

  UPDATE   0 days till af Bbs tender but not all that much.. gassy both burping and the other gas lol.. still not bloated.. it does bloat a small amount after I eat then deflates by the am .and had light headaches last two days

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It could be a good thing! Anything out of the normal for your typical cycle could be a sign that things are different this time around. When TTC I paid close attention to everything and it truly was the cycle where my body did different things that I turned out to be pregnant.

33 days ago

I have multiple fibroids. And I bloat in the last 10 days like crazy. But this month I’m 4 days late for AF and still badly bloated with cramps. I can’t figure out what’s wrong

For you hormonal change maybe causing the bloating

33 days ago

I'm NOT bloating.. just bbs are sore right at this moment.. and gas cramps

33 days ago • Post starter

look at your diet, might be food allergies
are you eating too much wheat or dairy ?

32 days ago

I have ibs so cant eat bread and I'm lactose intolerant.. and right now all I have is very sore bbs....

32 days ago • Post starter

Have you tested yet or are you waiting for your missed period?

28 days ago

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