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I give up

I am done after this af.. I don’t have the money for iui or Ivf, so if I start in eight days then that’s it no more tracking periods or trying to figure out when or if I ovulated. I’m just done.. so I’ll be on till I start then I’m gone.
Good luck to all of you don’t give up.

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Praying this is your month. You still have time. How many months did you ttc?

3 days ago

Going onto 7 months tcc.. this is month six. And I’m 36 so...

3 days ago • Post starter

I'm sorry I'm going on month 10 and I'm 35.

2 days ago

So sorry it’s been hard- you will do what’s right for you. Just wanted to share ( in the spirit that this may give you hope) that I was 37 when I conceived -total surprise not been tracking or trying. We are now TTC no.2 and sadly had a miscarriage at 10 weeks last November. I’m holding onto hope though because life is full of surprises (happy&sad) Take care X

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2 days ago

You should listen to your own last advice! Don’t give up!
I’m 37 and I’m trying for almost 9years for #1.
You got this...

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2 days ago

I was 43 after 3.5 yrs of trying when I finally got a sticky bfp naturally through tracking (and my secret weapon - BD'ing twice in an hour which ups your chances greatly), and now I have my precious rainbow girl who's 13 months old now.

1 day ago


13 hours ago • Post starter

Ya i hear you . I gave up after trying for years .
I gave up trying for over a year now back trying again. If it doesn’t happen after a couple months im done.

8 hours ago

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