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When did you start TTC for baby #2?

I'm 4 months pp and husband is ready to start trying for baby #2. It took us 9 months to get baby #1 so we don't want to wait to long to start trying for baby #2. My hope was to breastfeed baby #1 for at least a year. When did you start trying for baby #2?

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We are trying for baby #3 now but we waited 3 years to TTC #2 and that took a little over a year for a BFP then had a miscarriage. I got my next BFP 2 mo later and had a healthy pregnancy. ??

TTC Baby #3

8 weeks ago

I didn't try for my second but he came 2.5 years after my first. We tried for his sister when he was just turning one. They are almost exactly 2 years apart. I like the closer age gap. They play really well together. The two older boys never have gotten along much!

8 weeks ago

Hey Flamingogirl baby #2 TCC soon! Well my 2nd was 3 years apart and my 3rd was 1 year part and now my 4th 16 years apart

8 weeks ago

Hi Beautiful! Four babies! I know you must be soaking in all the love from your new little one .

Thank you for your experiences ladies! I like the idea of 20-24 months apart so maybe we will wait a tad longer to start ttc again. I just worry it will take us 9 months again so I don't want to start to late. I think I'll stop with the BC at 9 months pp and see what happens. That way I'll get to breastfeed my daughter for a year incase my milk goes away when I get pregnant again.

8 weeks ago • Post starter

Anyone else have in site or advice on when to start TTC for baby #2? I'm starting to get anxious about it and DH is ready to start now!

9 days ago • Post starter

Started trying when my daughter was 6 months. Been ttc 1 year now.

9 days ago

After #1 my cycles started again when she was about 9 months old. We started trying (or rather not preventing) on the third cycle after that because we were TTC for 8 months before I got pregnant with #1. For #2 I got pregnant on that very first cycle. I continued breastfeeding through the first trimester but then starting losing too much weight so I stopped when she was 14 months. For both of my kids my cycles started again when the baby stopped nursing through the night (which was around 16 mo for #2!). It sounds that the first few cycles post-partum are very fertile usually. We waited longer to start trying for #3 and it took us a while. But if you start trying right after your cycles return, it could be very fast!

9 days ago

l also start trying for baby #2.But there are still concerns.The first baby is only three years old so I'm a little hesitant.

8 days ago

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I love that about this community!

8 days ago • Post starter

My first born is 4 and we’ve been TTC 7 months now with one miscarriage do what ever you feel is right there is no time schedule on baby making

TTC #2

6 days ago

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