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Stopped taking the mini pill

I officially stopped taking the mini pill this weekend! I finished my pack and decided we're done protecting. The midwives said to wait 9 months before TTC again and 9 months is almost here! I still haven't gotten my first post postpartum period yet so I don't have anything to track. I'm curious to see if I'll get it back while I continue to breast feed. DH is excited to start TTC again. I have no idea what to expect or look for this time. It all seems very weird with baby and no period.

I'll only test if I have a few days of cramps and no bleeding. That was my main sign with my first BFP so I'll test if that happens again.

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I wish you and your husband lots of luck in ttc. Happy thoughts!

Good luck to all of you on your journey,Neo - Vctorian Mom<img src=

41 days ago

Thank you Nneovictorianmom! I hope you are doing well!

41 days ago • Post starter

Good luck to you! We are tinkering with the thought of TTC as well, just had 2nd PP ovulation today and mine's almost a year. Xo

41 days ago

Angeal18 - Maybe we'll be pregnant at the same time again!

40 days ago • Post starter

Yay! Lots of baby dust. And Angela18 I was wondering when you’d be trying again.... :)

40 days ago

Yeah!!! Here to follow your upcoming journey!! How exciting

39 days ago

Hubs has mentioned another baby to me a few times. I'm game! Hopefully it happens quickly for u guys. Enjoy the no period gig. I'm only at 4.5 months but lovin' it!

Side note, it's funny how the same people always seem to get pregnant when Angela does.
Good luck!! =))

39 days ago

Thank you ladies!

I am enjoying the no period gig! I do want to ovulate though so here's hoping we are lucky and catch that first egg.

38 days ago • Post starter

Aww good luck @flamingogirl13 hope you catch that eggy soon xxxxx

38 days ago

Thank you Lakarmw!

38 days ago • Post starter

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