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Does implantation cramping feel like PMS cramping? What does uterus stretching feel like?

Do women in early pregnancy sometimes experience cramping other than implantation cramping? I keep reading that implantation cramping lasts 1 day. What does uterus stretching feel like? I think I may be pregnant (8DPO). At 6DPO I had what felt like PMS cramping, and thought I was going to start my period the next day. Still no AF. Ever since yesterday (7dpo) I have had this dull cramping lower in my abdomen than PMS cramps, lower backache and also a sharp pain in my side near my hipbone. Any ideas?

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Your uterus doesn't really start stretching for a while, but early pregnancy is filled with twinges and tugs and pulls and weirdness.

I'm not sure what you're feeling. Some people swear they get implantation cramping, so maybe you're one of those that does. I didn't have any implantation cramping - the embryo is microscopic, so I don't really think you can feel it actually implant. But I suppose you can have a hormonal response to implantation that causes cramping. And progesterone can cause cramping as well. Progesterone can also cause constipation - just one of the other fun gifts it can sometimes bring.

Good luck!

5 years ago

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