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Charting experts! Can you look at my chart and see if it looks promising, maybe even triphasic?

Hi, all! I am on month 16 of TTC #1. Can you charting experts look at my chart and see if it looks triphasic, or even promising? I've never had my temps increase after O like this. I'm due to start Monday, and this is my first month using Vitex. I appreciate all input! This month is the hardest one so far to wait to test! Thanks!

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You can't really tell by the temps if your pregnant or not before you've missed AF and the temp is still high. And after that there's still some days you're temp can be high and then you get AF because of a chemical pregnancy (very early MC) Sorry.
Your chart looks good, but won't tell you if you're pregnant or not yet.
Baby dust and good luck!

5 years ago

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