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Ovulation day?

I got EWCM on Wednesday (cd 12) and started taking OPKs after that. They started with a very faint line, then yesterday it was the darkest it has been, but still not darker than the control line. I took one yesterday around 2 pm and that was the darkest of the lines.Then i just took one this morning and it went back to being lighter again. Does that mean ovulation day is today? Did i just not test at the right time to get the surge? DH and i have bd'd on cd 11, cd 12, cd14 & cd15. Today is cd 16. Should we BD again today and then start the 2ww?

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If you got a really dark line yesterday then you will be ovulating withing 12 to 36 hours from that positive. Most likely sometime today you should expect ovulation. Definitely BD today. Good luck!

5 years ago

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