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10 Bfp but worried

Ive had 10 bfp ( im obsesed hehe ) 3 diffrent makes of HPT i have mild cramping in lower belly and lower back,sore breasts,some nausea and vivid dreams ect i am 14dpo tomorrow and i read about chemical pregnancy and it worried me :( maybe im being negative but i really hope my lil bean sticks its my second pregnancy and been ttc for 4 months anyone else worry like me ?? x

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i found out i was pregnant in early march a few days later i kept having a stabbing like pain in my lower stomach ti would go away and come back went to ER 2 times in one week and was told to just be on light bed rest no heavy lifting this should go away. Just be awear if it gets to be to much be seen right away and test HCG levels that should take the worry away. I ended up having a m/c but thats after cramping came back and started bleeding my advice dont worry unless it gets to be to much GL

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Try not to worry unless you are given a reason to worry! Call your dr to set up your 1st prenatal appt. If you have severe cramps, back pain, or bleeding you should let your dr know right away. But so far it sounds like a normal pregnancy, so try to enjoy it!

5 years ago

worry and stress is the worst emotions you can have right now! All expected, but do your best to RELAX!!!!

5 years ago

Thanks Guys Just Got Pressure In Lower Back And Tummy , Sore Boobs, Very Tired And Going to Toilet More :) Havent Had Nothing Painfulll Or Bleeding Im 4 weeks + 4 Days :)

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