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Brown spotting 13/14dpo

I am approx 13/14 dpo CD 28 and was due to start AF today. In the night I had to get up to pee 3 times (okay the last time was at 8:30am, but I don't usually get up till 9).

The last time I got up, at 8:30am, I noticed dark brown spotting when I wiped. I put on a liner and went to the gym just before lunch. After the gym I came home to shower and there was a tiny brown spot on the liner, but nothing when I wiped.

About 4pm, I went pee again and the liner was clean, but there was a small streak of brown on the tp.

I usually spot a salmon-pinky colour for a day before AF, never had brown before but occasionally after.

Has anyone had this before? Were you pregnant or AF starting?

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I often get this before AF starts for me. I have a day or 2 of spotting before actual AF arrives - it starts out very light brown coloured CM, then slowly gets darker over the day or 2 until just before AF it's dark brown, then it start getting some red in it, and then AF comes.

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5 years ago

Hmm.. you may be right. Still nothing more than dark brown spotting, but a CP check shows a bit of red with the brown. I guess AF is just coming a few days late this month.

Thanks :)

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