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Symptoms this early???

I've felt completely normal except sore nipples which started at 2dpo. Today I'm 6dpo and all of a sudden I feel all these symptoms! I was super nauseous when I woke up this morning-- VERY unusual and again this evening for no apparent reason. I've been sleeping a bit more than usual, but I sometimes go through "sleepy phases" ever since I was diagnosed with hypothyroid last year. My boobs feel huge and are totally in my way, but I've put on a couple of lbs in the last few weeks so I don't know if it's just that. I'm really trying not to symptom spot but today I just felt like such crap. But I'm only 6 dpo which makes me think that my mind is playing tricks on me.. I don't know. Has anyone ever had these symptoms this early and turned out to be pregnant?? Feed back very welcome! Thanks!! Babydust to all!! :)

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yeah i hav experienced these kind of symptoms starting from my 2 dpo except nausea...IB r implantation cramps u may experience around 9-14 dpo..But i never got pg after all these symptoms..My body s diff..ur body and ur dh body is diff...u may be preggo this month since u got nauseaus dis early.Good luck and baby dust to u:)

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5 years ago

You will probably get some Debbie downers who will insist you can't get symptoms that early. But I did. From about 2dpo I had sore nipples, my breasts were sore, at about 4 dpo I had a bubbling feeling in my abdomen. I had waves of naseua from 6dpo. I felt awful, sleepy. I tested on 9dpo, and got a negative, but I still just knew I was pregnant. I tested again three days later and got a positive. I am now pregnant, and had symptoms early. So yes, it is possible! Good luck! And baby dust :-)

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5 years ago

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