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nose bleeding?

i would be about 9-10 dpo today. i went to the bathroom at work because my nose wouldnt stop running so i put some tissue in it and when i pulled it out there was some flood on the this common for a symptom? also snotty goop ive been getting once a day? only today there was ALOT.

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i meant blood* not flood lol

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With it being winter, that is hard to say. I have never heard of anyone having a bloody nose as a pg symptom, but no two women are the same and no two pregnancies are the same. In the winter, the air is dry as heck and I know that I sometimes get bloody noses. If this is unusual for your body in the winter, it could be a pg symptom.


7 years ago


I have read bleeding noses & gums can be a symptom of pg due to increase of blood pressure. I've been having bleeding gums when I brush my teeth and bloody mucus from my nose in the mornings?!? Fingers crossed for you.

7 years ago

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