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Achy Legs or Hips

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Lollypop26  6 years ago
6dpo right hip/pelvis really painful, couldn't pedal on my bike or cross my right leg over my left


mie2001  6 years ago
7dpo achey legs and tights feels like i was standing the whole day then it just passed away, but now im 11dpo and its getting achey again


Brenda8118  6 years ago
13dpo sore thighs and knees.




autismnamama  6 years ago
4dpo legs are killing me when i sleep have a hard time sleeping now my back is starting to hurt is this really a symptom?


Mummyonemorexo   6 years ago
8 9dpo very achy bum pelvic area top legs to the feet


proudmama27  6 years ago
im either 8 or 12dpo and have been feeling this for the last few days ...not sure what the result will be


enreni  6 years ago
10dpo, and achy legs which has NEVER happened for me before...hmmm


Burtstequila1st@  6 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


MrsSeptemberPenguin  6 years ago
at 7DPO and 8DPO my back/hip pain was terrible and I never have that kind of pain before. It is somewhat better today 9DPO.


chakra05  6 years ago
10 DPO: This is the first time in over a year I've noticed hip pain around this time. I wonder if that means anything =o)


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