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Achy Legs or Hips

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victoria1  6 years ago
Right hip pain, sore lower back


martinibug  6 years ago
I think im 4 dpo. my hips ache, my chest feels huge and i am nauseated.


mummylynguist  6 years ago
legs feel like they need a good stretch and dull pain in my hips




Rixley  6 years ago
keep getting random cramps in my leg and my hip feels like it belongs to an eighty year old


krismis35  6 years ago
Very achy legs, groin, abd top of pubic area 6dpo, been going on for 4 days


DeeDee2015  7 years ago
Achy right hip, deep. Not really at the joint.


Babygirl329622003  7 years ago
5dpo hips hurt if I sit or lay too long n legs ache feels like i have to stretch them


annejulie  7 years ago
painful legs and inner thigh including the groin area... feels like i have run a marathon... also notice spider veins


Maths Geek  7 years ago
Very achy left thigh and hip bones, hurts all the time with a dull annoying pain


kingsmommy  7 years ago
10dpo left hip is extremely sore. Fell like a fell down some steps


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