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Achy Legs or Hips

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MaBelle  7 years ago
4 dpo and this is my third day of a sore right hip around the bone. I remember this from my first pregnancy :)


iliketoshopallthetim  7 years ago
top of hips are sore . i have to massage them . im not sure im pregnant yet its been 19 days since I've had sex. and also have irregular.


rachael99  7 years ago
2dpo aching thighs like ive been to the gym, but havent am worried is this normal. had sex day 13.




Mainegal14  7 years ago
5dpo legs and hips are sore..feels like I constantly need to stretch them


jazzyjazzy87  7 years ago
Achy legs,hips and crotch. Feel like round ligament pain


loreal1990  7 years ago
I am 10dpo and my lower back and thighs is aching like im about to start my period. I am not due for another 4 more days.


storm734  7 years ago
12dpo and i have aching thighs, lower back and butt muscles, very odd


Cookecai  7 years ago
6DPO and legs started aching today. Feels like I've been on them all day and night but I haven't. hmm interesting


Meplusbb  7 years ago
7dpo Legs and shins are in so much pain. Almost feels like they are about to cramp. But the pain is keeping me awake


keyana14  7 years ago
i was taking a hot shower and it felt like wierd (bllod to my feet) kinda hurt not so bad and when im in the acar for longer th 6 minuts my


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