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Dreamgirl33  7 years ago
5dpo and I have experienced heartburn before I even eat.


Dreamgirl33  7 years ago
I've been experiencing heartburn before I've eaten anything


babyjade15  7 years ago
6dpo heartburn like wow!!!




WillysWifey101013  7 years ago
2dpo heatburn like crazy only when im pregnant praying and fx!!!!


voraxia  7 years ago


drkompal  7 years ago
18 dpo feeling heartburn and fullness of stomach


mommyof3vanessa  7 years ago
10dpo started around 11pm. Testing at 12dpo


JessieH26  7 years ago
4dpo heart burn all day which is extremely unusual I only normally get it when I'm pregnant x


mommy1314  7 years ago
5 dpo and ive had heartburn for 3 days. i only EVER have heartburn when im pregnant :) fingers crossed!


Lilly77  7 years ago
6dpo first time ever feel heartburn; 2 days now & thick discharge. Crossing my fingers!


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