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Cuddlebae2330  6 years ago
I'm 7 DPO I never get heartburn but today I had to get completely out of the shower because i needed to vomit it was that bad


Karenroxanne00   6 years ago
Im having heartburn and I'm 14dpo


Catladyschmoo  6 years ago
6 dpo and having heartburn




TeeTee2012  7 years ago
12DPO. Irarely get heartburn. for the past 3 days (including today) I've been having heartburn,mostly at night. That requires Tums. It's odd


Lovemykids17  7 years ago
I have heartburn im 5dpo and headache anf cramps n and off and boob kill


Megzymoo  7 years ago
Been having indigestion for the past 2 days, all day long. Currently 9DPO. Anyone else?


Rjsgirl1216  7 years ago


Sb1204  7 years ago
15 dpo - severe acid heartburn all day. 1 day late


Daisy91  7 years ago
4 dpo and I had heartburn so bad it woke me up. I did eventually get back to sleep but I still have it this morning and my throat is killing


swarna85  8 years ago
10 dpo experiencing a bad heart burn


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