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eskimozie  5 years ago
horrible heartburn this morning. I didn't have it all night. BFN, but only 11 DPO so still hopeful.


Kendragon0927  5 years ago
10 dpo. I had some honey BBQ sauce and am seriously regretting my life choices right now.


LilyLight  5 years ago
I can't remember the last time I've had heartburn. No diet change and suddenly the fires are a'burnin! I can hardly sleep.




cassmac1115  5 years ago
10 dpo and noticed very sudden heartburn...didn't eat dinner last night and had fruit for breakfast... hopefully pregnancy is the cause.


Katie31   5 years ago
Notcing heartburn didnt eat nothing to cause it 13dpo


MrsSeptemberPenguin  5 years ago
Heartburn the last 2 days or sore on and off. Continuing today. 9DPO.


Breeze  5 years ago
18 dpo, much more heart burn then usualy, I get this from time to time but not usually this much throughout the day.


key73111  6 years ago
2 dpo and started having heartburn after breakfast. Can't remember the last time I had heartburn. Fingers crossed!


faylinameir  6 years ago
I might be 9dpo or 14dpo. Spotting yesterday, none today, and TERRIBLE heartburn, woke me up and then tonight. :(


Aprilgirl  6 years ago
I"ve had heartburn since 1dpo!


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