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rainbowbabe83  7 years ago
Today I am having heartburn :(


kadencesmommy  7 years ago
Im two dpo and ive started to have heartburn...this is a new symptom for me.


jodi4903  7 years ago
at 8DPO my heartburn SUCKS! Hoping this is pregnancy otherwise I should probably start taking Pepto!




mrspong  7 years ago
only had heartburn with my daughter/ even when I had horrible ulcer, I've had it all month. Just maybe a sign!?


BBohland22  7 years ago
I had really bad heartburn all day when I was 6dpo and I just knew I was pregnant. 4 days later at 10dpo I got a positive pregnancy test.


james36  7 years ago
i have been having bad heartburn all day like crazy


wakeup79  7 years ago
0dpo and this one is really working me!! Ive had to apply pressure just to releive the pain. #ttc


SugarSkullMomma92  7 years ago
I had heartburn yesterday @ 3dpo and today 4dpo.


kca_pie  7 years ago
I have only had heartburn during my past 5 pregnancies. I've had it since 2dop. Hope it means good news.


scabbie   7 years ago
im about 9dpo never get heartbrun part from years ago when drinking to nuch apple juice which never did since then had this for 6days now :(


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