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jessalr  8 years ago
7dpo have had heartburn for 2.5 days, but today is horrible


ddouglas1  8 years ago
9dpo, I vurped (burped and vomited) gross. Bfn this am =(


TrueFaithLoon  8 years ago
idk what dpo but I have heartburn and I think 5dpo but I don't plan




LadycatZ  8 years ago
Heartburn all day even after only eating a few bites of waffle, 9-10dpo


OctoberRayne  8 years ago
8 DPO I have never had heartburn before..


mahle82  8 years ago
everytime after eating brownbread I get heartburn, or just after eating. They told me its gastic heartburn.


HopefulMomma93  8 years ago
10 DPO random heart burn!!!! Hoping for a little one!(;


Loveplusthree  8 years ago
Heartburn 4 and 5 dpo. Never get this. Unplanned but can't wait to see.


brooklynstilts  8 years ago
Heartburn every day, eh 14 DPO got a fiant positive but afraid its an evap


brooklynstilts  8 years ago
Heartburn, Queasiness started 6 DPO, hoping this is it :)


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