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What women are saying

Tender Breasts

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GalensMommy12  4 years ago
13dpo, af late by 2 days, and my boobs are so sore on the sides my bra is killing me


MrsMVP14  4 years ago
15 dposted and my breaststroke are very tender and sensitive.


terrie1975  4 years ago
I have blue prominant veins appear all over body and my skin is looking greasy




louise0121  4 years ago
9dpo and my breast full and painful


kayekelly  4 years ago
Tender breast with small amount of expressable yellowish sticky fluid. Not sure if I should take a test yet or not.


jenshalla1  4 years ago
breasts are tender, that's about it. I expect AF :(


Want to know  4 years ago
My breasts have been aching since 9 DPO. Will this happen the whole time?


lau543  4 years ago
update>past 2 days I had large breast sensation, tender breasts and sore nipples...


YamiRT16  4 years ago
My nipples are killing me. I took a shower and the water pressure hitting my chest hurt !!!


lau543  4 years ago
sensible nipples started at 6-7 dpo, tiredness since 2-3 dpo and increased white cm,but no clue that pregnant,only phisical symptoms


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