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Tender Breasts

SimplyMe33  10 weeks ago
4DPO breast’s weren’t tender this morning but they are now that it’s evening.


Rubicon007  3 months ago
6 dpo


Ava0505  4 months ago
7dpo-10dpo very tender breasts. Not sure if indicative of af coming or possible pregnancy symptom.




Ryujismom2017  4 months ago
4dpo breasts feel larger than normal and they look larger too.


porsiad  5 months ago
11 dpo, breast extremely sensitive and feel engorged.


CyraRussell  5 months ago


Misoblond  6 months ago
my breasts have been sore since the day after ovulation and have been getting progessively more sore with each day


nak263  6 months ago
I'm 5 or 6 DPO and I feel pain on my breasts when I touch them... I have this feeling since yesterday (4 or 5 DPO).


Ayricka  6 months ago
5dpo and they are mildly bugging me for 2 days, never usually have sore breasts, first pregnancy i had it for quite a while


Akageorge  7 months ago
Approximately 4DPO and have had the tender breasts since ovulation. But getting stronger


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