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Tender Breasts

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Thebronx  3 years ago


Thebronx  3 years ago
My boobs are sooo sore. They hurt when I got out of bed this morning. It feels like I have done a million startups without a bra but haven't


Racheal2015  3 years ago
my boobs are achy and my nipples are really sensitive and normally my boobs don't bother me when AF is on her way.. 1 more week




JODES   3 years ago
im 14dpo and am feeling deep aches in both breasts


Brandi70410  3 years ago
Think I'm 3 dpo and experiencing sore heavy boobs ????


mrsdownie5  3 years ago
don't know when i ovulated but had intercourse 9 days ago and experiencing very heavy tender beasts with sore nipples with are dark??


DunnTTC#3  3 years ago
12 dpo BFP on 10 dpo. I have has sore breasts since 7 dpo and hey are slowly getting better.


davis1977  3 years ago
1 dpo breast swollen tender


Misssy  3 years ago
about 9 dpo and have had sore nipples for the last week. Wonder if this means anything. I usually only have tender breasts 1 week before AF.


GalensMommy12  3 years ago
13dpo, af late by 2 days, and my boobs are so sore on the sides my bra is killing me


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