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Vaccinated for covid. TTC?

Today I got first dose of covid vaccine; covishield. For how long should I postpone TTC?

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Sorry I don’t have any answer. Could you ask your doctor? I too would be curious to know! Good luck TTC and baby dust your way!


6 weeks ago

Thank you Rosehill..

6 weeks ago • Post starter

I’ve read about ttc and the covid vaccine and there’s nothing to prove that it does any harm when ttc or when pregnant.
I had my jab a week ago.
Speak to doctor if you have concerns though.

30 days ago

It is recommended you have your covid vaccine if ttc even more so if pregnant. As if you get covid whilst pregnant it can causes still births. This is what I've read in the news.

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28 days ago

Thank you @pipparoof and @munchkin112.
That was the same as I read about ttc and vaccination. Doctors in here are suggesting to wait for at least 1-2 months after complete vaccination and then start ttc. This waiting period is frustrating.

26 days ago • Post starter

I looked up the Covid stillbirth/preterm study. In Canadian news an OB was sceptical about the information as it was studied in countries with low health care. Just a side note to the other posters response. Tanya a—the wait will be tough after the shots. Wonder why there is a waiting period. Would be curious.


26 days ago

@Rosehill- I am also not getting the logic behind this waiting period. I guess doctors are being cautious since this is a new virus and not studied entirely.

26 days ago • Post starter

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