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For everyone TTC on Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day ???????????? I copied this from somewhere else because I feel for all the women desperately trying to become mothers, and for all the mothers out there who have lost their babies. This must be such a challenging day for so many women and I'm sending you big hugs xxx

To the women.
Because all women have mothered someone at some point in their life,
it’s just what we do.
We care, we nurture, we mother.

For the mothers who are knee deep in family life, this is your day to feel like a queen, please do. It’s entirely deserved and no one needs a day of pampering more. The chores can wait, be rested.

For the mothers who have lost children, this day is another on your ‘harder’ calendar and for that I send you love, you are so very brave.

To the mothers who no longer have their mother, this day is a heart-breaking reminder of a grief so overwhelming, you often feel suffocated.
But, your mother would want this day to be a day of joy and a day to remember all the wonderful times you have had together.
Your mother would want this day to be a time to say her sayings,
cook her favourite meal and play her favourite songs.
So, please don’t avoid that today. I know it hurts but it will heal, I promise.

And lastly, to the women who have not made it into motherhood, who so desperately want to.
This day is tough, there is nothing you want more than a 3am wake up and an untidy house full of noise.
Please take today to acknowledge all the hard work and energy you have put into your endeavours. It has been a rough, lonely ride with some very low lows.
I see the hole in your heart and your womb.
I see you and I wish you a day of peace and love,
be kind to yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day,
To the women,
ALL the women.
We mother like no other.

~Donna Ashworth


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