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My one shot at TTC #4

DH decided that the best way to resolve this issue we've had about whether to have a fourth child or not would be to leave it up to fate, and TTC just this one month. With the agreement that if it isn't meant to be, I'll start using contraception next month until he gets his vasectomy. He would be fine with stopping at three, I would like four and all of the talking about it wasn't getting us anywhere. I've tried hard to forget it but I'm scared that I would resent him in the long run for taking something away from me. Brief back story on that point, I've had to put myself through a fair amount of crap for his sake so the resentment felt largely about him not being able to sacrifice for me the way I have done for him in the past. Anyway, we're both on board with this plan. Whatever happens, its going to be difficult. I know the odds of conceiving first try are pretty slim and I'm trying to be prepared mentally. The most likely outcome is that when AF arrives, I will be moving on from this stage of my life and focusing on the wonderful family I have. I feel good about that, mostly. Although also still a bit scared because I wish this month a magical bfp would appear. At least I know me and DH are supporting each other no matter what, and I'll stick to my end of the deal if #4 isnt on the cards for us, but oh how I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can be one of the lucky few to conceive straight away!

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My husband didn’t want anymore after our twins but he caved in the end. He couldn’t be more in love with our daughter now she’s here! You never know. It’s hard I guess if he has a vasectomy booked. Maybe with Covid that might get postponed?? Good luck. I hope you get a BFP! Use all the tricks at hand—clearblue ovulation sticks, lots of bd etc.


21 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story. Yes there are delays with covid, at the moment we are assuming that an appointment won't be available until the end of the year. I'm 4dpo today and just hoping that we've caught this one, looking into anything I can do to help implantation! But at the same time I'm dreading that feeling of disappointment when AF arrives so trying to mentally prepare for it

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My fingers are crossed for you. I just got my AF today which is so disappointing. I had a few symptoms that pointed in the direction of pregnancy but I guess not this month. Hang on there! Hope everything goes your way. ????


17 days ago

Thanks. Sorry about AF, that feeling of disappointment is just crushing. Symptoms can be so misleading! I'm trying not to pay too much attention but it's hard not to think about it! Right now my dog is curled up on my lap with her head on my stomach and normally she is always at DH's side if she bothers coming to us at all, like I've been saying for months that she obviously doesn't like me anymore, so I can't help wondering if she can smell something different you never know!

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