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Evap line or to early at 9dpo?

Took this test yesterday and it looked negative in the 10 min window. Came back in the evening and seen this faint line on it. Took another this morning and it looked negative as well.

Google came up with a lot of posts about how this happened to them right before a BFP. Anyone have a similar situation? A google article said that it’s just an evap line.

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That looks positive to me!

17 days ago

Have you had a test do this before? I want to be happy but I’m skeptical since it didn’t appear until hours later

17 days ago • Post starter

Most the time I have had lines the next day on these tests, they were indeed evaps. The only thing you can do is get an Frer to verify. But if the second test was negative, this is probably an evap. I love people to be honest with me. I tried for 4 years with my first and almost 2 years trying now for #2 no luck yet. So I've peed on many tests.


17 days ago

Thank you Millbarnett! I appreciate it. Hope we both get a positive soon

17 days ago • Post starter

With my last pregnancy, it did that to me and it turned out that I was pregnant. (See photo 657881 of test from 2 years ago)

<img src=

16 days ago • Edited

That’s awesome hberry! I so hope that turns out to be the same case here! I took another and had the same thing happen. Skipped today but going to do a couple different tests tomorrow

16 days ago • Post starter

I would wait a few days and try a different test. Good luck!

13 days ago

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