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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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Thanks for all the encouragement about school ladies!
@Burkette yay! Congrats!!
@Shay your chart from last month also had a temp increase around CD 20-21 but then you had an actual big jump around CD 34 which is when you actually ovulated. Do you think this cycle may be similar. If you look at your actual temps, they still seem lower now than they were post O last cycle
@Alex we all symptom spot even if we know better. Don’t be so hard on yourself babe! The process is so hard already so kindness and understanding is what we all need during this time. If we don’t provide that for ourselves, who will?! Regardless how great our partners can be I don’t think a single one of them can fully understand how nerve wrecking it is to not know what is going on in our own body. So test early, cry, scream, symptom spot, keep yourself busy, take a bubble bath, or do whatever else can make the wait a little easier for you but please don’t ever lose hope! It may not be this month (although I really hope it is!) but I strongly believe you will be a mom sometimes soon. And a wonderful one too! You’ve got this!!

4 years ago

So, it been a while again..

@Anna what a gorgeus bump you have!

@Alex It's only with OPKs that I can control myself. I always tell myself that I won't test untill AF is due but still never can't wait that long. I go crazy at the end of TWW. Lol. I start testing next week.

@agatch you should do that program if you desire so. Something like that is never a waste. I got pregnant with my first when I was in the middle of school. He's now 3 and I get my bachelor's next month.


AFM. Crazy busy lately. We're moving in a month so everything related to that keeps me busy.
Also I've never been jealous or emotional one but few days ago my childhood best friend told me she's pregnant with her third and I just cried as soon as I got home. I'm happy for her but at the same time it makes me sad. I hate it that I have everything good in my life and simply not getting pregnant makes me a huge emotional mess.

So far no sign or anything. Not sure about dpo. Just waiting and hoping for the best.

4 years ago

Oh Mira, bless you!
It is really hard, it's the one big life milestone that we literally have no control over
And it's so bittersweet when we see the people we love becoming pregnant!

Keeping everything crossed that you will be joining her in the good news this month

4 years ago

Shay if this is the correct O day for you then you’ve got an amazing BDing picture. The timing is so right you couldn’t miss it. Based on your previous cycle though as Agatch said it would be safer if you keep BDing regularly! How is your hubby? I hope he’s feeling better!

Burkette My favorite part is always how the hubby announcement went!! Keep us posted

Kait fingers crossed that you’re Oing indeed! Go catch that egg

Agatch Thank you for your kind words and I probably should be kinder to myself but hope is what gives me troubles every cycle... I wish I could turn a switch in my brain to make me lose all my hopes. I know it might sound harsh but I’m so tired of being hurt. It’s been way too long for me it’s hundreds of cycles and hope doesn’t want to leave me... that must not be right you know? I should get used to it by know... sorry for whining babe... It’s just so heartbreaking for me..

Mira your feelings are absolutely normal. There is no lady in here who will tell you that haven’t been jealous in similar situations. We all been there! Really hope this cycle will give you your bfp. Fingers crossed!

AFM 5dpo and the time seems like it froze... Days are not passing and even though I’m very busy now that our dance studio has opened after vacations and it’s registration month, I still find time in my brain to think about this subject... My cramps are still here (not so much yesterday) and today starts to feel like my normal LP cramps. Breasts are very sore but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing really strange or different tbh... it’s so early I know but I already feel out

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4 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement ladies.

@agatch I agree that my temps just never seem to do what I want them to. I don’t trust that I O’ed yet either. Going to continue bding for sure!! The only difference between last month and this month is the spotting which I have only had happen maybe two other times and both were at O. Just one more thing to confuse us!

@Mira I totally get what you are saying. I recently had a friend announce their fourth child that they weren’t trying for and she was on birth control. Definitely hard not to be jealous even though you are happy for them too.

@alex don’t count yourself out just yet!! You never know what will happen. Everything seems right this cycle for you!! So relax and just try to focus on your dance studio. I know it is hard as I am also trying not to symptom spot and stay calm. It is so hard when our bodies can’t just tell us what is going on.

AFM: hubby is feeling much better and we were able to bd again yesterday. Like I said before, we are just going to keep bding until AF comes or I get my positive!! Haha I don’t want to miss O this time around and my body just seems to have a mind of its own. Temp is staying pretty level again which makes me wonder if I did O or not. Ugh so frustrating! I have been getting random sharp pains right in the center of the lower pelvic area which is odd for me. I am used to O pains on my sides and dull cramping preceding AF, but sharper pains in the center is a little weird. Well here’s hoping it is a good thing!!!

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4 years ago


4 years ago

Thankyou ladies, I told hubby last night but it was literally just over text because contact is difficult with him away obviously!

I sent him a pic of our dog with the test ????????
He's not the most reactive person, he was happy about it, but like me he's cautiously optimistic

Literally so panicked that something is going to go wrong. I took another internet cheapie this morning and it's still darker thankfully...

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4 years ago

@Alex I understand the fear of disappointment for sure! I think what I mean by don’t lose hope is more about finding a way to not focus on the fear which I know is hard. We have all heard many stories of women getting pregnant when they least expect it or when they’ve given up or when they are sure it is going to happen. It seems like when the fear/stress is stronger, chances are much lower. But if you can replace the fear with something else, that’s when it happens. For me what helped was exploring the worse case scenario (the what if it never happens -it took a while to conceive our first too so I had to go there). Once I had a « plan » for the what if it never happens (in my case it was adoption or fostering before I knew we could have children and now it would be to just enjoy the 2 I already have and be the best mom I can be for them as well as start a new carrier).
@ Shay glad to hear your husband is feeling better. The spotting definitely confuses things a bit! ????for you this month
@Mira I totally get it. My 2 best friends Got pregnant a few months after we started trying and now they both had their baby! One of them wasn’t even really trying. I’m thrilled for them but a little jealous too.
I just heard back from the doctor and the tests showed triploidy (there was a 3rd set of chromosomes) so it wasn’t a viable pregnancy genetically. Apparently there is no risk factor for it and it is not more likely to repeat if it happens once. I guess i’ll never know what happened with my first miscarriage though and the doctor says it was just bad luck to have the 2 in a row (I don’t believe in bad luck!). Anyway, the worse part is that triploidy is associated with partial molar pregnancies so my doctor says I shouldn’t try again for 6 months! I’m still trying to make sense of it all...

4 years ago

I think my ovaries heard me thinking bad thoughts about them... "I never get dark opks blah blah blah". They decided to make a liar out of me. I definitely didn't O yesterday if I got this this morning. It's the darkest opk I have ever had and in person the test line is actually a tiny bit darker than the control. Jeez! Only took til CD26 lol. I'm a little worried about egg quality this late, but we shall see what happens.

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4 years ago

@agatch thank you! I'm hoping so, but late O doesn't seem to bode well for getting pregnant. I'm glad they were able to get you some answers for your loss, but that's really disappointing to hear you should wait 6 months. Did he say why a molar pregnancy would mean you should wait? I feel like it shouldn't be treated differently than a MMC where the placenta and everything continues growing, but I'm definitely not a doctor. I'm so sorry, this has to be stressful.

4 years ago

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