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1st Round of Clomid 50 mg cds 3-7. Pos OPK on cd 18. When is the earliest I can take a hpt?

1st Round of Clomid 50 mg cds 3-7. Pos OPK on cd 18. When is the earliest I can take a hpt? and When would I have ovulated? I am still getting a strong pos OPK as of this am and have for the past 4 days since the first pos OPK. My nurse said ignore that I have already ovulated since I caught my surge going up and the levels have to have time to go back down. Anyone else on clomid experience this?

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Hi there. i have the opposite issue since I have been on clomid where for a few months I haven't had any positive OPKs. You are likely to have ovulated a day or so after the first positive, so I would suggest you assume CD19 as O day.

As for when to test. If you don't want to be left unsure and squinting madly for faint lines I would suggest 13dpo (CD32 for you) as then you have an 86% chance of it being positive if you are pregnant. Have a look at to see the likelihood of a test being positive if you are pregnant.

4 years ago

Oh im sorry to hear that. Yeah I went for my cd 21 progesterone level bw today which was cd 22 for me... i have to call in the am to see if I did ovulate, but this is my first time using opks I have got negatives all month until cd 18 so Im pretty sure I did. Also my nurse said I probably did because Im still getting pos opks as of this am 4 days later... She said it is where my levels went up and I caught it as soon as it started up so it can take a couple of days to get back down, but that it is a good sign that I likely ovulated. I thought about starting to test this weekend which would b like 7 or 8 maybe 9 dpo and test until the following weekend to see. Good luck to you maybe you will get a pos opk soon. Have they not altered your dosage any?

4 years ago • Post starter

I had 4 cycles on 50mg and this cycle is my first on 100mg. CD 12 today so have my estradiol blood test this morning.

I am not an early tester at all. I don't want to know if I have a chemical pregnancy as I already had one miscarriage and that is still hard enough to deal with emotionally. How long have you been trying?

4 years ago

We have been ttc #2 since this summer in june/july. I seeked help for my period in august because since having the iud removed 2 1/2 years prior, I still wasnt having a period. I had my progesterone level checked yesterday cd 22 and it was a 9.8 so they said I did ovulate. I had low progesterone levels when i was pregnant with my son and had to use suppositories until week 12 to support the placenta developing and taking over. They said that may be the case this time and If I am this cycle I will have to use them again so start testing asap and keep a eye on it so I can get in asap and get them.

4 years ago • Post starter

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