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Period 2 days late, SUPER thick jelly mucus discharge and around cervix.

So my period was due yesterday still not here. My boobs are feeling heavy again like they did off and on this month (one of the things that made me realize something was off) and I just wiped and found this big blob of the thickest, stickiest, snappy jelly like mucus that came out of me.

I checked my cervix and it was still high, a lower high, high middle, and I found more of this mucus surrounding the cervix. I know this is probably TMI, but to get the idea, you could roll this mucus in your fingers and it would retain a round, almost solid shape. Like a little ball of mucus. EWWW. (SORRY)

It is also really "snappy", meaning it sticks together and is strong consistency that you can't break apart or wipe off easily. REALLY THICK. The color is mostly clear with a very slight tint that normal discharge might have.

I've never had mucus like this, and never this much at period time. I've also had some serious nausea, gas, moody, etc.

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I had possible implantation spotting on 1/17 (pink when I wiped), have had cramping really low down by my pubic bone for the last 2 and a half weeks, painful sex, spotting after sex.

Despite all this, I have had a bunch of negative pregnancy tests and a negative blood test about a week ago. I realize normally you would get a positive test this late in the game, but every time I dismiss one symptom another comes and slaps me in the face. There is too much to ignore. I also have PCOS which my doctor has said can cause a lot of false negatives for many women. I am supposed to get re-tested with blood in a week if I still don't have my period, but I am wondering if I should just wait till I would theoretically be 6 weeks for the ultrasound? I've heard of a lot of women who tested negative until really far along. I am not sure why this would be happening, but I think its a strong possibility for me. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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It does take longer for some women to get a positive even without pcos. My cousin was about a week late before she got a positive test after gettin a negative a few days before and she doesnt have pcos. I would just wait a couple more days and retest try using a frer or another high sensitivity test then. Gl x

5 years ago

maybe try an opinion as a pregnancy picks up a different hormone...

4 years ago

that was supposed to say "opk"....sorry my phone likes to correct me when I don't need correcting...

4 years ago

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