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6 DPO temp spike

I have no idea what's going on with my chart.Isn't 6dpo too early to see what might be a triphasic chart?
Fertility Friend has my O date as Nov 26, so that is what I put on this chart but when I did, the coverline was gone. When I move the O date to the 27th, my coverline is very high.
What I really want to try and figure out is if this is possibly a triphasic pattern and if that's possible at 5-6 dpo.

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Yep, ur set O date is correct and yes it is possible to start higher temps to become triphasic. Ignore this site for charting, it changed my O date from the day it wasn't (CD12), to the day it DEFINITELY wasn't (CD17). Lol!

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5 years ago

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