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What happens if you have a short luteal phase?


I have a regular 28 day cycle and this is my first month using OPK's. I was losing hope of ovulating this month but finally got a smiley face yesterday (cd18) so I hope to ovulate any time now. However this late ovulation means that I will have a short luteal phase. Does this mean that my cycle cannot support a pregnancy as you need a 14 day luteal phase?? Don't really understand it......

What happens if I ovulate too late every month....?

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they say anything under 10 days luthal phase isnt good to support a pregnancy and will end in a mc,
after my mc last year I started having irregular periods and luthal phase of only 7 days, but i went back up to 12 and 14 a few mnths later.
I think if its 10 it should be fine its ore if its in the 7 and 8s.

5 years ago

If you consistently have a short luteal phase, you should definitely speak with you doctor about it. According to my doctor, anything under 10 days is considered short, but there are ways to treat a short luteal phase, depending on why it's occurring. For example, if your prolactin is too high, there are meds to lower it or if your progesterone is too low, you can take supplemental progesterone, etc.

You want to make sure that your luteal phase is at least long enough to allow for implantation to actually happen in addition to being able to support a pregnancy once it does.

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5 years ago

Your lp should basically stay the same. Its the first part of your cycle that can be crazy the part up to ovulation. So maybe by some chance you were stressed or body didn't O at its normal time your lp should be the same. Because you ovulated later will not "shorten" your luteal phase. It will just make you have a longer cycle than your used to. Maybe your cycle will end up 30 days or more :) Unless you regularly have a short lp then I would see about talking to your doctor but see what happens hopefully your cycle will just end up a little longer than usual :) You don't NEED to have a 14 day lp to sustain a pregnancy either! I believe the range is usually between 12 to even up to 17 days. Just monitor it and see. I think you'll be okay :)

5 years ago

Thanks guys,

Thats really helpful. I have had a particularly stressfull month which is why I think I ovulated late. I didn't realise that a late O could extend my cycle.

5 years ago • Post starter

You can look into taking some B6 and/or Progesterone cream to lengthen your LP, talk to your GYN. Most vitamins have some B6, so I only take an additional 50mg to help. I had the same issue of short cycles...

5 years ago

It sure can :) so if you O late it will not "shorten" your luteal phase! Just keep an eye out or let your doc know if it is less then 10 days then it could become a problem for you. That can be helped though if that is the case :)

5 years ago

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