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Increased Sense of Smell

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Aliciaabod  8 years ago
I'm 11dpo and my husbands day old lunch Tupperware made me gag so bad...smelled horrible


ClaireEK1  8 years ago
9dpo. Noticed some flowers by the front door - two little pansies and I thought I could smell an entire florist. Never noticed before


ClaireEK1  8 years ago
9dpo. I could suddenly smell




RustyTurtle  8 years ago
7dpo everything stinks especially my urine! Never B4


blaszczyk08  8 years ago
5dpo I smell mode or a mildew all over the house. Its driving me nuts. NO one else smells it :(


lilbutbad  8 years ago
I have a nose like a dog!


navywife  8 years ago
9 dpo. Eggs (cooked) almost made me puke! Can smell my hisband husband's deodorant from across the room! Way overwhelming!


KittykatCece56  8 years ago
8dpo i can smell things and very strong.


MommyOfPink  8 years ago
5dpo! Smelled cucumbers from across the house.


BubblyDede  8 years ago
in the kitchen, smell of cooked chicken made me nauseus... im vegan and cook meat for my bf but am never nauseus... now 8 dpo


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