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Increased Sense of Smell

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redhead1981  9 years ago
15dpo, I can smell my hair (and everything clinging to it from last night.) It's about to make me toss my breakfast.


crclark914  9 years ago
can smell everything stuff i dont want to smell neither like trash and exc. 14dpo


wakeup79  9 years ago
0dpo no not yet!!




mummyjc  9 years ago
i can smell a mile away lol 11 dpo


SydneyNat  9 years ago
My sense of smell isn't increases as much as it is just off. Things smell really differently to how they should smell.


Bestwipheever  9 years ago
This will be my seventh pregnancy so I'm very sensitive to all symptoms... today (only 5dpo) at work I was swearing I smelled bug spray...


Danielle27  9 years ago


bkmama  9 years ago
smelled paint when no one else did, smelled fish and urine combo in subway. delightful!


Bfringer  9 years ago
Gross. Except flowers and oranges :3 mmm dpo 8


MariaMulh13  9 years ago
Already got my BFP & I smell a rancid smell in the kitchen that my husband can't. It drives me crazy!


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