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Increased Sense of Smell

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Loveplusthree  8 years ago
5dpo laying down with stepdaughter and smell of her detangler made it hard to lay by her, it was SO strong!


metalmama2  9 years ago
smelled pavement two miles from construction site.. Dh got freaked out by the super smell. lol


Mrs_Jackson  9 years ago
Could smell my husband when he first came in from work. Then when around my friends house I could smell urine. cat peed behind sofa :O




arielle2012  9 years ago
crazy sense of smell unusual for me -been hightened since 0 dpo- now 3 dpo


waiting4#3  9 years ago
smelled my sons chips through 2 closed doors..weird! 5 or 6 dpo wasnt qiet sure what it was though till i asked him.


sandyscotty  9 years ago
husband was eating kept smelling which food


greensparkles  9 years ago
8dpo Smelled a bonfire when riding in a friend's car--his son's boyscout manual was on the back seat, they had a bonfire last night.


pudge0016  9 years ago
6dpo was able to smell dryer sheets. from my polar. my hubby had to go outside to smell it. neighbor using a dryer.


Achoti  9 years ago
Currently 10 DPO and can smell my dog's breathe from ten feet away. Noone else can smell it. I swear there is a gas leak. Hate sweaty smells


mmmm3v  9 years ago
smelled co-workers hot tea at 5 DPO.


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