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TTC Good Luck Poem - This is our month!! :)

I found this on Parents Connect tonight, I don't know who wrote it...but I giggled and giggled! Here's to the smart lady, that wrote this... enjoy ladies, as we can all relate!!! :)

At the start of the month weâ??re forced to welcome
Aunt Flo to our home,
She unpacks her things and hangs around,
Regardless of how much we moan.

A few days pass and we shout hooray
As the witch, she departs,
We shave our legs and freshen our bits
As the TTC really starts.

Mid-cycle girls around the country
Have their wicked way,
They drag their partners into bed
And Baby Dance every day.

Oh god you know what time it is,
Every ache, pain and twinge is noted,
And we pray that we are late.

The end of the month looms ahead
And although we try our best,
Temptation gets the better of us
And stupidly we start to test.

This month Iâ??d like to make a request,
To the guardian angels from little old me,
For all the ladies on this board,
Can we please get our BFP!!!

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I want my this month!!

6 years ago • Post starter

Awhhh I like it(; We can all relate somehow! BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!!

6 years ago

I love this!! LOL

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6 years ago

I it too!!

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6 years ago

I can totally relate right now!

6 years ago

I hope it is this month!!!!

5 years ago

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