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new to site..wanting to see what others thought!!!

After my 1st child I started taking depo provera the shot...was on it for 2 years have been off for a year now this and my husband have been trying...but i had my first and last period in March lasted for 2 weeks haven't had one since..I read you can still monthly I took an ovulation test and it was positive..which was on the 8th of June..on the 13th 5 days later I began cramping and nausea set it..the cramping began on my right side and how now progressed to all over just like period cramps..still nausea..somewhat tired...I notice cause I will barely do anything and get worn out...Im also emotional...I took a test today this morning 14 dpo..sorry I don't know all the short hand..but the test was negative..I don't know if I just want to become pregnant and emotions and feelings are taking over and its like phantom pregnancy or I'm really confused

I'm so ready.

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might well be, that you ovulated, but after 2 ys on contraceptive the inner layer of your womb just wasn't thick enough for the implantation.
Still: no Af, so keep hopeing!
Babydust to you xx

(sorry for my english, this isn't my first language)

5 years ago

Thanks for the reply Whatif.....I have been trying for a while now and like I was saying been off bc for a year now how long does it take for your af to show back up or your wall to thicken...I'm so confused those..could I be having all these symptoms and still not be pregnant?

I'm so ready.

5 years ago • Post starter

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