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Low HCG after days 5 days of positive tests!

I've been testing positive since January 8th. When I compare tests from the 8-10 to the ones I took yesterday they have been getting ever so slightly darker, but not super dark. I finally had my beta test yesterday and it was only a 13. I had a tiny bit of brownish/pink spotting this morning but so far it's disappeared. I keep waiting for it to come back. My head is telling me there is no way with such low HCG and 5 days of positive tests that my levels are doubling. My heart is grasping at straws. I'm assuming I must be treading downward with my levels with such a low number. I will retest tomorrow but probably won't get the results until Monday. I don't know how many DPO I am since I wasn't tracking and my cycles are inconsistent. On a side note, we now know that pregnancy tests can actually detect small amounts of HCG. I've even tested positive on 2 digital tests.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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5 days ago • Post starter

This is so fascinating that the CB 6 Days sooner is SUPER sensitive. If you were testing positive on those early on, then they must pick up very very low levels. Really good to know. I’m sorry, however, that your numbers aren’t as high as you’d expect. Anything above 5 counts as pregnant at my doc’s office. I’m not sure how other places are. I would guess most require a level of at least 50 to confirm viability. Hoping your levels jump so high they make your head spin! Have you had any history of ectopic? I have, personally, so please friend me or reach out if you’re concerned. It’s very rare, so don’t panic. Hugs and sticky vibes to you!!!

Sending lots of love and hopes for a bright future your way!

3 days ago

I just found out yesterday dispite my pregnancy tests still being very positive my hcg dropped to a 7. I woke up bleeding and my doctor had me go to the hospital to confirm it wasn't ectopic. I'm just glad to see that pregnancy tests are a lot more sensitive then stated. I had clear positive's (not faint) on all clearblue tests including digital, first response, dollar tree and a walgreens brand test. Even with an hcg of 7. This is it for me. I wish you all the best

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