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2 days late BFN but having pregnancy symptoms, anyone else same boat?

Hi ladies,

It’s been a frustrating week so far. Was hoping to see a hint of a line by now. I have very short 26-day cycle and this is driving me crazy. I have read elsewhere that some ladies take up to 2 weeks before a BFP. I hope you can share your stories with me while waiting for (hopefully a) BFP or (not hoping for) AF! I am 2 days late. I feel very sleepy and tired for at least 3-4 days now, with my breasts feeling sore, a little bit of cramps here and there but goes away. I’ve gone to the toilet way too many times thinking AF is here but just wet there.

With my 2 earlier pregnancies, I came to know (1) a day after period was due and it was defo a dye stealer so I think if I tested early, I would have know earlier, too. For my second, I came to know 3 days before AF and was a squinter but progressed beautifully with a matching beta hcg levels matching his age.

Have you had pregnancies where it took a while to see a BFP and all the while showing early pregnancy symptoms?

Thank you to everyone who would like to share their stories!

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I have wanted to be pregnant so badly that my period came late and I had pregnancy symptoms. But all tests were negative. That cycle taught me that I had to chill out and relax. My husband was very sweet and would sing “All we need is just a little patience, yeah yeah, just a little patience”. I stopped crazy testing, read books and focused on our kids. My period came on time and I stopped talking myself into symptoms. I actually remembered that I don’t have any symptoms until 8 weeks pregnant. I now have a 5 month old!

4 months ago

Hi! Thank you for the response. It’s been 5 days for me and still no AF! I am starting to get worried, not due to possible pregnancy, but if this has something to do with other health conditions, and I really pray it’s nothing serious. All tests are negative still, but I am going to visit the doctor next week if I still don’t have AF to see what’s going on. For my earlier 2 pregnancies, it wasn’t this late when I got my BFP. My DD, I came to know 1 day late and my DS, 3 days before AF.

4 months ago • Post starter

I am in the same boat as you Peanut2brittle.

Here's to hoping we see our BFP's at the end of this wait!

12 weeks ago

Yes. I am experiencing this right now. My period is regular and I am two days late (15 dpo). My luteal phase is normally 11-12 days. I tested with FRER on 11 dpo, bfn and at 14 dpo with FRER digital, also bfn. Feeling lots of symptoms. I will wait another day or two and if AF doesn't arrive by then I'll test again.

Update: AF arrived

12 weeks ago • Edited

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