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Been having symptoms. Ive been late before. My af is usually the 13, 18 or 23rd. I had clamps 6 years ago. And been up to a month late but never ever have I had cramping, sensitive to smells or gone up a size in my breasts like this month. Literally everything makes me throw up if I eat it. I have a yearly exam tomorrow at my drs so Im going to ask her to do an hcg bloodtest but ughhhh. Like I said normally I wouldnt think so. But I worked with 2 women whose clamps failed about at the 5 and 6 year mark (we all had them put in my the same dr who has since stopped practicing). It turned up pink but very light in the 3 minute mark but Ive seen indents are bad with these. Would we be happy? Yes since having my son I met a man I am more then happy with and weve been together 5 years. I keep telling my body to knock it off but it just doesnt add up for me. ????

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Those have terrible indents. I had a test look just like that a couple days ago and my cycle just started. I wouldn’t trust FRERs anymore as this has happened several times for me.

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4 days ago

Thank you. Im still waiting ugh! Tempted to buy some dollar store tests. My dr refuses an hcg because she said with clamps theres no way I could end up pregnant. Its frustrating. Ive tried everything I normally do to start it *sex, meditating* nothing works. Still cant eat meat or smell alchol cooking * I cook for a living* and everything remotely good smells like cinnamon. I keep saying its just off. Lol. If I was we'd be thrilled.

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