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Secondary Infertility - Aged 35.

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<-- These are the faces I make each time I get a and each time ugly AF shows up. I watch people come and go, getting their BFP's, yet I am still waiting. It's been 29 long cycles, I am now on my 30th cycle. My partner is desperate for his own baby and I feel like every month I am letting him down.
I am a YouTuber, and in one of our live pregnancy test videos, he literally cried so hard. I hate seeing what this is doing to him, I hate not being able to do the only thing my body could do - only a few years ago.

I am going to be using this as a journal to blog my emotions, my symptoms and god willing, my very own

Thank you for reading. Looking for cycle buddies!

I have started a blog -

Cycle 30 - BFN
Cycle 31 - Currently 1DPO
Cycle 32 (Letrozole & Trigger) - ?

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

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CD20 today. I am pretty sure I have (or am) ovulating. OPK was negative CD18 (strong, but negative), CD19 it was positive and today it is negative - still strong, but negative.
My right ovary feels so tender and I've had ovulation cramps (super intense) for CD18 and CD19.
We've BD 6 times in 30 hours, so I'd say I've covered my bases.

I'll be testing Sunday 21st, I expect to be 10DPO.

I've also done my research on vitamins and minerals best for us and our situation. Lewis is going to start Selenium & Vitamin E. Vitamin E increases and promotes sperm motility, Selenium improves sperm quality.
For me, I'll be starting selenium, iron and zinc. Selenium reduces the risk of miscarriage (and a quick google on selenium deficiency, I seem to match the symptoms), Iron deficiency leads to ovulatory infertility and Zinc will help fertilisation and egg development.

I hope everyone else is doing okay. <3

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

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I am 9DPO.
Finally, I managed to temp. My sleeping pattern has been erratic to say the very least, waking and sleeping at all different times of the day.
Today though, almost back to where we started. So I took my temperature.
37.12! IF yesterdays pink CM spotting (small amounts) was anything to do with AF, it would be a lot lower than it is. In fact, I don't think AF can come at this high temperature. As you can see from the below photo - the spotting was very minimal and mixed with what appears to be clear CM.

Symtoms so far:

1DPO - CD21: OPK - Positive. Frequent Urination.
2DPO - CD22: OPK - Negative. Frequent Urination. Pulsing right ovary pain.
3DPO - CD23: OPK - Negative. Frequent urination. Left nipple tender.
4DPO - CD24: HPT still positive. Frequent urination. Pulsing right ovary pain.
5DPO - CD25: Extreme Exhaustion. Left nipple tender.
6DPO - CD26: Exhausted. Increased CM (I never usually see any on my 2ww). Very Windy. Rainbow spotted on CCTV.
7DPO - CD27: Small Stinging pain (for about 5 minutes), in or near uterus. Mild AF type cramps. HPT now negative. OPK - nearly positive.
8DPO - CD28: Constipated, Still exhausted, weird light pressure, VERY small spotting PM, Nothing since (Pink with CM)
9DPO - CD29: BBT very high, No further spotting.

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Pregnant, Due in 2023.

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