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TTC August/September 2020!!

Hey ladies!! Just continuing over from our previous board!! Congrats to those who got their BFP and good luck to all of us still trying!!

AFM: this is my second cycle using Clomid. Last cycle they had me at 50mg and I definitely O’ed. This cycle they bumped me up to 100mg. I am not sure if it is just me or what, but last cycle I could tell my body was responding to the Clomid and I could feel O. This cycle I feel nothing. We are still bding and keeping track as always. Just not feeling it this cycle. Guess time will tell. We plan on bding every other day starting this last Sunday at cd11. My O last month was cd19 so we will increase to every day starting Friday till I have confirmed O. Good luck ladies!!!

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I also O’d CD19 last cycle. I’m using vitex and trying black cohosh to hopefully improve my chances this cycle. I’m currently on CD8 and going with the every other day method and then planning to BD day of and 2 days following a positive OPK since my cycles have ranged between 32-43 days since removing my IUD. Best of luck to everyone!

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Thanks Shay for starting the board! Good luck for you and also campbellche! Crossing fingers for all of you!!

AFM: Days pass so slow....just starting the week 7 and waiting for the following appointment on Monday. The good thing is that stress at work is totally controlled, I have realized that maybe the stress I linked to the work was really the TTC stress.... or I am just changing my priorities
My last 'obsession' is that my resting heart beat measured with Fitbit was increasing and one week ago started dropping and now I'm at levels I had when I just got the BFP... After panicking reading many cases of miscarriage I found one thread were many women said they suffered the same drop and everything was fine later. Crossing fingers is my case too !

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13 days ago

Hi Ladies, I'm still floating around.
We DTD cd's 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.
Pos OPK cd15 as well as today cd16.
Hoping I O'd yesterday so our chances are better, but I won't hold my breath. O has been between cd12 to 20 since the MC in May, my body is just messing with me now


for lots of BFPs for Christmas

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Hello everyone,

Glad for the new board and seeing old and new friends. Not much for me, looking forward for the Thanksgiving break. Also fighting a little cold.

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13 days ago

Hey everyone! I’m hoping for a BFP and August baby! I miscarried what would have been a May baby, this September, and my body immediately got right back to it’s regular cycle so I’m praying this will be the month

13 days ago

Hey everyone!
I’ll jump in too. I’m currently CD5 and dealing with lot of friends pregnancies around me and it really sucks.
I’m not really sure what I’m expecting since hubbys supplements obviously never worked. I’m just praying for a miracle I guess whenever and if it wants to come.
Hubbys parents are visiting next month from Russia and I don’t know who remember but his father is a gynecologist and hoping that he might be willing to help with some advise or something!
Fingers crossed for everyone in hopes we’ll be seeing lots of BFPs this cycle!

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13 days ago

Hello everyone!!
Welcome to the new ladies and glad to see everyone joining us again!!
@alex I know how you feel with everyone being pregnant around you. I saw ten announcements in the last couple weeks and it just kills me inside. But we will get there!! I still have hope for you!!

AFM: just waiting for O. Starting to feel a little something around the ovary area again. O must be on her way. Gonna get some OPKs today I think. I am cd14 and didn’t O till cd19 last cycle so figure Opks would be good starting about now. Got a few days off starting tomorrow so I am hoping the hubby and I can get some bding in to cover our bases!!

Good luck ladies!!

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3dpo. Time is going so slow.

shay- did you get some OPKs?

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11 days ago

@mistique I have not gotten any OPKs yet. Was thinking about it but all of our stores have them locked up. So I would be waiting 20-30 minutes to get them. I haven’t had that time with school and everything else going on. Good luck with your tww!!! It goes by so slow!!

AFM: thinking O is actually here already. Got my usual sharp pains near my ovaries, ewcm, and temps have dropped a little bit. Plus my chest gets a little achy. So really hoping this is it!! We have been bding every other day since Friday last week and started every day on Tuesday. So just gotta make sure we bd this evening and the rest of the weekend until confirmed O!!! The ewcm usually only last 2-3 days if even that, so really thinking this is it!! Good luck ladies!! This will be the earliest O I have ever had at cd15!! I am usually cd19-22 so we will see what happens!!

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Mistique- good luck! The TWW is AGONIZINGLY SLOW! I’ll be watching and hoping for good news!
Shay- I Hope this is it! I’m only on CD10, but I feel like I might O a couple days earlier, too. My cervix is already soft and high- but not quite open yet and my CM is very watery already. Usually have a few days of watery, then 3 with EWCM. I’m on a trip with my sisters family in a small cabin until Sunday- so I’m hoping my body waits until Tuesday or Wednesday because my husband can’t BD with any risk of getting caught, so it won’t be happening for the next few days.

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