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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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@Alex some cycles I get strong O pain too. I usually always know when I O and which side because of the O pain. Sometimes it is mild and some cycles it is pretty strong to the point where it gets pretty uncomfortable. Sometimes I can pretty much pinpoint exactly what time I O because the pain suddenly stops, it is usually 24 hours after my first positive opk and the pain pretty much peaks right before it completely disappears.
I really really hope you get a BFP this cycle! I have everything crossed for you!
@Shay according to my Obgyn if temp is under 97.5, it is unlikely you've ovulated. Not sure how accurate it is though. But if I remember correctly, last cycle you had an increase in temp but stayed under 97.5 or right around that and then a little later you ended up going up closer to 98 after you ovulated. Maybe the same thing is happening. To be on the safe side, it's probably a good idea to keep BDing some if you can. Hope your DH feels better soon! What day of your cycle did you O last cycle? Also, I know you're in the US and usually doctors say they will refer you to a fertility specialist if it'd been more than 12 months of TTC. If your doctor doesn't agree, I'm sure you can find another one who will give you a referral since it is the "standard" of care here usually.
@kait glad your DH tests came back normal. Hope O comes soon for you
@Anna thanks for your kind words babe! You look amazing! Hope your friend gets good news at her next appointment.
@Neisamar good for you! Hope you enjoyed your day!
AFM, I finally stopped bleeding the day we got back from the beach which means I wasn't able to actually go swimming at all but I still enjoyed walking on the beach and playing with my little ones. I haven't heard anything from my doctor's office about the chromosome tests. Hoping I'll hear back next week and can get a referral to go to the fertility clinic and hopefully get some answers. I'm trying to decide whether to start a part-time school program mid-September. It's a little bit of a hard decision because as long as I was due in March, there was no way I could have gone to school even part time this year so I wish it wasn't an option but now that it is, I'm thinking I should probably do it. I think I need to feel like I am moving forward in my life and not just waiting for a baby that may never come. If I am engaged in a project I am excited about, it would probably help relieve the stress of TTC and getting results from fertility tests...etc. The program I want to start is very flexible so I can start this year and take a break for a year or two after if I need to before I continue (it would be 4 years total if I stay in the part-time program all along). My husband thinks I am rushing things and should just take time to process the losses and be content with the meaningful role of raising my 2 children for now... But with one going to school 5 mornings a week and the youngest starting school too (although only 2 mornings for a few hours), I feel like I need something else in my life and going back to my previous carrier (even part time) is not really a good option. I am really excited about this school and the new carrier it would lead to.

4 years ago

@shay I hope they have some suggestions for you. Maybe we'll be trying out something new at the same time!

@agatch I think school is a great idea if you feel ready for it. It's hard putting your life on hold for a baby. I have put off planning a birthday trip for myself thinking I may not want to do it if I wind up pregnant. I decided this week that if I'm not pregnant by Halloween, I'm going to just plan it. If I shoot for spring, the most i would be is 6 months pregnant so what's the worst that could happen? Even if I have to cancel it, who cares.

4 years ago

Hello everyone,

So sorry for the losses. I cannot even imagine the pain. Stay strong and keep going.

@Ana you are glowing. Almost there....feel free to ask any questions regarding delivery. Wondering if our babies will share the same birthday ?? my edd was Nov 15th. He came Nov 21st.

Welcome to everyone new to the board.

AFM: 1st time teacher here. My hours have been crazy. I'm struggling a lot but hanging there. Health wise I have feet issues. They swell and hurt. Still have not been able to see a doctor. On the plus side I got my eyes checked and my periods finally came on their own yay!!! I have to take provera every single cycle for the past 8months. I am starting to work out this week as well and continuing health eating. Hoping to be pregnant by Christmas's. Praying for everyone.

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4 years ago

Kate even though I heard that clomid has so many uncomfortable side effects, I also read that it’s working wonders for some ladies! I don’t really have any experience but if you’re willing to try it I say go for it. It won’t do any harm. The opposite I’d say! But before that I really hope you’ll ovulate in the next few hours who knows? Maybe you won’t need the clomid
PS if I remember correctly is that the trip to Greece that you’re talking about?

Shay I’m not sure I can see a noticeable temp rise on your chart. I’m not an expert on charting though.. if I were you I would keep BDing just to be sure till I see a good difference in temps! You can do this girl I’m very hopeful for you! I know this must be so exhausting but you got this!

Agatch I believe that something new in your routine it would be the perfect thing to do. It will keep you busy and you will change you daily thoughts! Our life is unfortunately very short and we don’t get a second chance. Staying on hold for TTC won’t change anything and if a baby is to come is very welcome and plans can start from then on! I haven’t even went through what you’re going through and I would love to have a new challenge in my life just to take my mind out of it! I say go for it!!!

Lalou Glad to see you and I’m so sorry about your feet issues. I hope it’ll go away soon!
I hope your exercise and diet plan will go as you want and it will be lovely to see your bfp even before ChristmasM fingers crossed.

AFM I’m going crazy and I don’t know where did this came from but I haven’t been like this for months. You know that I don’t like to symptom spot since our bodies either way give us pregnancy symptoms. I’m very well aware and I’ve researched it, that the female body is preparing for pregnancy each month after ovulation and gives us same symptoms pregnant or not. I’ve accepted this long ago and this was what kept me sane.
Well... I don’t know wtf is wrong with me now.. I’m only 3dpo and even if I conceived this cycle I couldn’t have any symptoms till I implant and even later... I know this but still my brain is pushing me and I’m constantly thinking that I have pregnancy symptoms and that this is it... I’m telling you I’m insane and I’m so disappointed by myself. I’m not so ignorant and I just wanted those two weeks to pass calmly.. pfffff At this point I’m preparing my self for a huuuuuge disappointment and you ladies better prepare you self to see me crying in here in a few days lol

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4 years ago

@alex no sign of O for me yet! My mom is visiting Greece next month and I was wanting to go on that trip with her when she was planning it. Obviously, I thought for sure I would be pregnant by now. It's also tough for me with school, I am still taking classes for my MBA. Most of my friends and I are turning 30 in the next year and we were going to plan a trip to celebrate. The planning for that has kind of fallen apart but I would like to do my own trip if the one with them doesn't happen. I miss travelling a lot, but it also limits my options since I wouldn't want to be 8 months pregnant and wandering around Europe or Thailand or somewhere equally far. Your thoughts are totally normal! I try to ignore symptoms too but sometimes every little twinge or cramp makes me think that it's implantation. Don't be too hard on yourself!

4 years ago

@agatch I hadn’t heard that your bbt had to reach 97.5 after O but that is a good thing to be aware of. If we don’t get pregnant this cycle I will be asking my doctor to do more. She is a new doctor for me, so hopefully she will listen and understand. I think going back to school is a great idea too!!

@alex I totally get the symptom spotting. It is so hard not to look for it when you are anxiously waiting. We are all here for you no matter what. Both to celebrate and to comfort if needed. I personally think we will be celebrating though!!!

@kait I think a trip is a great idea to celebrate! It would be hard if you are pregnant but that would also be worth it!! I am turning 30 in June next year so I would love to have our first little one before that. But man traveling sounds so fun too!!!

AFM: not too much to report. Hubby is feeling much better today but I don’t think we will get to bd. He had a fever all day yesterday and it finally broke last night. Pretty sure he had a form of the flue. As much as I want to keep bding I know he needs to recover still.
My temp has continued to go up and cdtp has given me an O date. I don’t really agree since it says I am 4 dpo. If anything I think I am only 2 dpo. Still waiting for FF to give me an O date though.

Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!!!

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4 years ago

@Shay, happy to read your hubby is feeling better, regarding the chart I am not an expert,in my case I have very low temperatures (average 96.44 before O and 97.5 after)
@Alex, I totally understand you... it is really difficult to keep the control when you want something with all your heart and the only thing you can do is to wait.... this cycle I am planning to go more to the gym during the 2WW and keep me busy, also I want to recover the mindfulness exercises, but one thing is the plan and then the reality comes :-)
@agatch, great that you enjoyed with your 2 kids and your plan with the school program sounds very good!

AFM, Friday night was great, relaxed and enjoyed a nice dinner with hubby and starting BD, however yesterday I woke up with a horrible pain in the neck and then all the plans were cancelled and I have just been at home, without doing anything and having too much time to think and stress myself more... today I feel a little bit better, let's see if recovered enough for the BD this night :-).

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4 years ago

@shay I'm also turning 30 in June! I was just talking about the fact that I'm closing in on the point where I'll be having my first baby after 30. It kind of hit me like a brick wall. I never really had baby fever but I also don't think I imagined starting after 30 if I did have kids. Not that it's bad, just funny how different my reality has been from what I used to imagine. I'm itching to travel so maybe if I don't have a baby, I'll have a pretty awesome trip. Fingers crossed for both of us that we have little ones on the way by then!

4 years ago

Hi ladies, so I know I said I was going to wait until tomorrow to test but I couldn't help myself.

I've tested the last three mornings with internet cheapies. I'm not getting too excited as I feel like the line is still not very definitive but it has definitely got darker...what do you ladies think? (Bottom one is today's)

AF is due in the next few days but I'm not sure exactly what date as I'm not 100% sure when I actually ovulated.

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4 years ago

Kait I know exactly how you’re thinking but from my personal experience we just putting our life on hold and it’s not really on hold.. it’s passing and never coming back. We should do as many things as we can and want without what ifs! As I said to Agatch if a baby is to come, is very welcome and we will figure out then what we should postpone and what not!
Last year I was letting my self eating more than normal for me (remember my job is a dancer so it’s important for me) and I had each month the excuse in my mind “it’s ok I’ll probably get pregnant this month, is gonna be ok..” to the point I gained 6kg by just postponing my healthy eating.. Now I’m back to normal and I’ll never do that to my self again. I lost my self and it’s not ok! Please do the things you wanna do and hopefully the baby will come soon too!

Shay glad to hear that hubby is better but I wouldn’t stop BDing just yet! I’m not convinced by your chart that you ovulated for sure yet! What was your temp today?

Neisa so sorry to hear about your neck. It’s the worst pain.. Hopefully is better by now and your BDing is back on track! Staying at home it’s the worst while on TWW or while TTC in general lol better to keep yourself busy!

Burkette even tho I don’t trust those tests at all I can not only see the line but I believe there is a progression too. Have you tested with any other brands? That’s so exciting. I hope your lines gets darker!!!

AFM my body is not helping my delusional self at all this cycle. Yesterday all day I had cramps so noticeable and nothing like my normal after ovulation dull cramps. It’s not like period cramps either. Since I doubt that I’m pregnant I wonder if that has anything to do with the weird extended spotting after AF this cycle.. My breasts also killing me but that is normal for me at this time of my cycle.. I wish days could pass faster at this point.

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