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Week late!

Alright ladies so I’m onto 7 days late for af, cycle day 38. I took a hpt at cycle day 35 and it was negative. I’ve been having cramps, headaches in the morning and random bouts of nausea throughout the day Which don’t seem to have any triggers. Here’s the weird thing my boobs are going nuts haha one second their swollen and sore like af is coming then the next nothing. Sometimes it’s only one breast, sometimes it’s both. Idk what to think. I’m assuming my body is just playing games with me for some reason but it’s hard not to hold on to some hope. What do you ladies think?

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Hey there. Your symptoms could be either way since the progesterone hormone causes them in both situations and it’s present normally after O and before AF and also if you’re pregnant. Your 7 days delay though truly indicates that you could be pregnant and if I were you I would try a blood test just to be sure since I’ve heard crazy stories about women who never got a positive hpt and they could confirm pregnancy only through blood test. Wait few days to see how things going if you have the strength and then try blood test!!! I hope you have the outcome you wish!! Good luck!

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12 days ago

Thank you for the reply! I have another question this may sound dumb but can you have ovulation spotting and not actually ovulate? I’m thinking maybe that’s what’s going on but I spotted twice this cycle once on my expected ovulation date and again on 11 dpo which I thought might be implantation spotting but since I’m not getting positives I’m not too sure.

12 days ago • Post starter

About a year ago I was experiencing something similar, always had regular periods and I felt like I was having so many symptoms! Took so many tests and even went to doctor for some tests - urine and blood. Everything negative. AF ended up arriving 15 days late. Weirdest thing to ever happen. It all went back to normal after that.

8 days ago

Period arrived 10 days late. Weirdest experience ever. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again I felt crazy the entire 10 days!

7 days ago • Post starter

Wow! Isn't that misleading?! Over a year ago I had something similar..felt a lot of symptoms and my period was 11 days late. Tests were all neg. Didn't understand why my body did that when my periods have always been regular! Everything went back to normality the next month.

3 days ago

That’s the same as me! I was so confused, all tests were negative. My periods have been super regular since going off bcp. I don’t track ovulation but I had spotting around when ovulation was predicted and then I spotted again at 11dpo which I thought was implantation bleeding and then a late period. My only explanation was pregnancy, but apparently not ????‍??. Bodies are weird who knows what was going on

3 days ago • Post starter

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